Kendrick Lamar

The enigmatic, frighteningly talented young Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar, who has been absolutely wrecking shit lately, gave us an entirely context-free new song yesterday, and it’s a good one. “Cartoon & Cereal” is a weird seven-minute polysyllabic vamp, and Kendrick is one of the few who can pull off a track like that without making it sound overly pretentious. And it helps that the great Maybach Music gangsta-rap bruiser Gunplay is on hand to do some bellowing. THC produces. Listen below.

(via 2DopeBoyz)

Gunplay’s new Bogata mixtape can’t come soon enough.

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  1. Here’s the Rap Genius explanation of the lyrics btw for those who are having trouble catching all the cartoon refs!

    • Heh. Rapgenius is awesome. Definitely helped me to understand Jay Electronica’s Dimethyltryptamine. Which I am very grateful for because that song completely blows me away.

  2. I mean, this is hot. But it’s only my second favorite “Cartoon” song.

  3. This is…incredible. Definitely going to be watching for more.

  4. this is the hardest beat i’ve heard kendrick on.
    guys, i can’t stop with this usher

  5. Love this guy, his beats are so sick. Been really into Odd Future lately too, the new video is definitely worth checking out

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