A little while back, TVOTR’s Dave Sitek remixed a collaboration between producer Jneiro Jarel (of the underrated Willie Isz with Khujo Goodie) and oddball rapper DOOM called “Rhymin’ Slang,” a song which made Lex Records’ 10th anniversary compilation. Now, Jarel and DOOM have announced a full collaborative album under the name JJ DOOM, and its first single, “Banished” is streaming below.

Key to the Kuffs is out in May on Lex Records. The duo will drop in for a Boiler Room session next Tuesday, which will be broadcast on that site.

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  1. call me crazy but I think DOOM has put in enough work to earn a label a little more refined than “oddball rapper.”

    • Excerpt from future article: “…this posthumous track from the late oddball rapper…”

    • Guy puts out Madvilliany and Operation DOOMsday but he’s still just some “oddball”? For fuck’s sake, won’t somebody THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN?!?! What kind of example are we setting for them and their music blogs of the future?

  2. Wheres the ghost doom album?

  3. where’s the madvillian 2…not that this isnt gonna be ill.

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