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Last month, Chris Cornell compared Kanye West’s soundcheck to “retarded children” at an Australian festival. This week, he broke up a fight in an airport lounge by stepping straight up in the face of a businessman who used an anti-gay slur. Chris Cornell: He contains multitudes!

According to The New York Post, Cornell was in an Alaska Airlines lounge in the Seattle airport when one man in a business suit, hearing another guy saying something nice about Obama, called the other guy a “queer.” (He might not have realized he was in Seattle. Or maybe that’s just what happens in those fancy airport lounges.) Cornell came and washed away the rain of that nasty comment; he’s quoted as saying, “You’re a [bleep]. You deliberately called him a queer to make him feel uncomfortable in front of a lot of people.” Security then removed the offender from the bar, and Cornell casually mentioned that he was on his way to L.A. to play an Obama fundraiser.

Nice job, Cornell! You really outshined that motherfucker!

And from that fundraiser, which was actually in San Fran, is Chris’ take on “I Will Always Love You” as a tribute to Whitney Houston.

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  1. I love this man !!

  2. If I was Chris Cornell, I would have just knocked that dude over with a bloodcurdling scream.

  3. So let me get this straight… its illegal for someone to say the q word in public now? The way this story is said, it sounds like Cornell just went apeshit on someone for saying something he didn’t like. Not condoning using slurs, but this hardly sounds like a fight… never mind a fight worth breaking up. Hopefully there was more to the story to warrant Cornell going crazy over a stranger and the guy being kicked out.

    • I kind of trust in his judgement skills (have no idea why… I do like soundgarden… hm). But even still I have to agree that having a person removed for calling somebody a “queer” sounds a little like too much authoritative-piggage, you know what I mean?

      • Naw, if freedom of expression applied to people with unpopular and annoying views, where would we be then? We’d have to let those damn hippies burn the flag!

        No, wait, we *do* let those damn hippies burn the flag! I guess that’s because we’re not a dictatorship or something. Cool.

      • So the argument is this: The lounge is run by a private company who has the right to deny service to anyone. They felt that the person’s use of the word queer was not only inappropriate, but also could have instigated a fight. This has nothing to deal with freedom of speech since the person (according to the above blurb) was not arrested, he was just asked to leave a bar.

        • I just wanted to add to my above comment (in case anyone was interested in the legality of denying service):

          The Federal Civil Rights Act guarantees all people the right to “full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations of any place of public accommodation, without discrimination or segregation on the ground of race, color, religion, or national origin.”

          In cases in which the patron is not a member of a federally protected class, the question generally turns on whether the business’s refusal of service was arbitrary, or whether the business had a specific interest in refusing service. For example, in a recent case, a California court decided that a motorcycle club had no discrimination claim against a sports bar that had denied members admission to the bar because they refused to remove their “colors,” or patches, which signified club membership. The court held that the refusal of service was not based on the club members’ unconventional dress, but was to protect a legitimate business interest in preventing fights between rival club members.

          The above two paragraphs came from here

          • I get that the restaurant can deny service. Nobody is doubting that or even cares about that. But there has to be more to the story for them to have to call security in. I just think the response from Cornell and the restaurant or club was a little weird given what was said. I’m not saying the guy who said the q word was right or anything. I’m just saying calling security to kick out a guy after a rock star reams him out is just bizarre. It doesn’t make sense. Thats all.

          • @jvoci

            I can agree with that part. Typically you have to be pretty belligerent to have security (or have a restaurant call the cops) to have you removed. I wonder what the whole story is, given the fact that no matter how much pull Chris Cornell has, they most likely (hopefully?) asked the guy to leave first.

    • cornell (hey, look at that!) going apeshit on some guy has nothing to do with freedom of speech issues, where the body of law focuses *almost* entirely on the state-sanctioned suppression of speech. in this situation, just as the asshole had the right to call mr. obama-supporter a queer, cornell had the right to do some name-calling of his own, and the lounge had the right to kick whoever they wanted to out, since things were supposedly getting heated. the instigator and obvious douchebag in the situation got the boot. sounds about right.

  4. Actually, it sounds more like White Knight Chris tried to start a fight than break one up. Would’ve been funny if he got his ass kicked trying to act tough, but I guess that’s why he only tries this stuff on guys in suits in the first class lounge. Much safer that way.

    But it was definitely pure class for Cornell to go all bragging like “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” on the guy. That’s the mark of a real hero.

    • do you actually think it’s fine to go around calling strangers queers because you overheard them talk up politicians you don’t support? if that’s the case i should probably get off stereogum; i’ve got a whole lot of people in my community that i need to go call queers now.

  5. i hope the “bleep” in c. cornell’s cutdown the word retard.

  6. i was into that cover for a second until he went way too high to try to imitate the dolly/whitney chorus, YIKES.

  7. Left disappointed when I found out that he didn’t cover Whitney Houston WHILE breaking up a fight.

  8. Vicky probably made him interfere, she’s the instigator. Vicky karayiannis is one obnoxious bitch!

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