There’s nothing I could possibly add, except this: The History Channel is entirely correct about Lil B.


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  1. It’s not really fair to expect some random dude to be as good as Lil B.

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  3. Well wasnt this just a huge waste of my time…

    • And then you had to comment, which made it even more of a waste of your time! You know. I have a sneaking suspicion you actually enjoy things that waste of your time.

  4. I thought it was perfect.

  5. Sometimes I wonder about the posterity of the Beatles (and everything else for that matter). How will we feel about The Beatles in a hundred years? Imagine your reaction today to “Maple Leaf Rag.” Maybe you can appreciate it for what it is, but I doubt you’d spend a lot of time with it on iTunes (nor do I). Of course there are a bunch of long-dead guys who still fill theaters to this day, but Classical music is a different species altogether. What do you think? Will the Beatles still play in 2112 or will they seem too quaint for anyone but scholars?

    • 100 years from now the Beatles will stand as some of the greatest composers of history. There will be no I-pod 100 years from now. The mainstream will not connect to it they way they do today (or in the 60′s) but it will be remembered as some of the greatest music of all time. It will be “classical music”. Everything has it’s time in the sun. I highly doubt anyone will even remember the hordes of Autocorrect abusing hacks that are dominating the market today.

  6. ‘There’s nothing I could possibly add’. Because there are no jokes in the video to add to?

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