At a Brit Awards War Child benefit show last night in London, Blur co-leaders Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon got together to debut a brand-new Blur song called “Under The Westway,” with Coxon on acoustic guitar and Albarn on vocals and piano. It’s a drawn-out Bowie-style ballad that sounds, at least on first listen, like something special, even if Albarn does rhyme “Hallelujah” with “sing it to ya.” New Blur songs are rare things, and a new Blur song that sounds like this is a big deal indeed. Below, watch a fan-made video of the two performing the song and/or stream a live recording of it.

(via DIY)

At the same show, the two also played the older Blur songs “He Thought Of Cars” and “Strange News From Another Star.”

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  1. Aw man, Damon you’re going to break my heart. When I went through my Brit-centric phase in college, every sappy Blur song would soundtrack the fallout from miscommunication and missed opportunities with crushes who never became lovers. But hey, it gets uplifting in the end! Blur saves the day again. For tomorrow…

  2. Beautiful song, and props to the audience present for being quiet during this perfomance.

  3. nawt bad, if they can mix this kinda song with some Song 2 era classic Coxon riffage they should be on their way to a great album:)

  4. UH OH somebody’s got chills!!!!!!

    For the love of god MAKE AN ALBUM


  6. This sound is definitely the correct next step for Blur.
    If they are indeed making a next step.

  7. Sounds all too familiar……

    The Beatles – “Let it be”

  8. Disappointing. Are we supposed to pretend they didn’t simply mash the chords from “Whiter Shade of Pale” with melodies from “Let It Be”. What a rip off !

  9. blur=evil genius

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