R. Kelly at Whitney Houston's funeral

There’s a lot to be said about the fucked-upedness of airing a goddam funeral across multiple television networks, but Saturday’s Whitney Houston memorial service did, at the very least, provide for a couple of truly moving musical moments. During the service, R. Kelly, possibly the one single person on Earth who can best relate with Houston’s combination of soul-pop stardom and personal demons, sang a truly wrenching version of “I Look To You,” the title track from Houston’s final album. Kelly, who wrote the song for Houston, had to visibly fight to get through the thing, and you could practically see the entire room willing him to finish strong, which he absolutely did.

And Stevie Wonder was also on hand to share a few memories of Whitney and to sing a couple of his own songs: A rewritten version of his 1982 song “Ribbon In The Sky,” apparently a favorite of Houston’s, and the Songs In The Key Of Life track “Love’s In Need Of Love Today.” Watch all three performances below.

R. Kelly:

Stevie Wonder:

On the flipside of all that, Houston’s ex-husband Bobby Brown reportedly left the funeral early after his entire entourage wasn’t allowed in, which yikes.

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  1. Insert micturating jokes here.

  2. I at least give her family credit for bringing her home and saying goodbye in a somewhat intimate way (in light of it being televised and star-studded.) One thing I would have changed about it, though, is that the service should have ended with Kevin Costner carrying out Whitney’s casket in his arms alone while “I Will Always Love You Played.”

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