Robert Pollard - Mouseman Cloud

Guided By Voices just released Let’s Go Eat The Factory earlier this year, so a solo album from Robert Pollard is long overdue. In March, GBV’s Budweiser bard releases Mouseman Cloud, an album Fire Records says has an emphasis on “wordplay rather than melody.” The first single’s “Obvious #1,” and you can assess its relative merits here:

Mouseman Cloud is out 3/12 via Fire Records. Pre-order it.

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  1. This song has a great melody, not sure what the description was inferring. This is going to be a great year for Pollard fans

  2. The guitar is exactly the same as “Jar of Cardinals” except played with the grace of a caveman thanks to one man band Todd Tobias. No one needs any more of these solo albums in their life now that GBV is back together, here’s hoping this is the last one because this collaboration stopped producing good music about 10 albums ago.

  3. stuck in my head all day! what a great song… didn’t leave a huge first impression, but it got its hooks into me subconsciously and i awoke this morning with it playing in my head. pretty cool

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