Rick Ross

Every year for the past few, MTV has made a big deal out of publishing its list of the year’s biggest and most important figures in rap. It’s as silly and subjective as any other list, of course, but rappers tend to take the thing seriously, getting very pissy when they don’t think they’re ranked high enough. Last year’s list, finally unveiled in full this morning, doesn’t include a whole lot of surprises, unless Big Sean’s unlikely prominence counts as a surprise. But it does work as a stark reminder that all the internet’s favorite rappers, the ASAP Rockys and the Danny Browns and the Kendrick Lamars, don’t actually matter too much in the grand scheme just yet. Check out the list below.

10 Wale
09 Wiz Khalifa
08 Big Sean
07 Meek Mill
06 Jay-Z
05 Lil Wayne
04 Nicki Minaj
03 Kanye West
02 Drake
01 Rick Ross
(via Nah Right)

Apparently, MTV didn’t like Goblin that much either.

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  1. 1. Dylan
    2. Dylan
    3. Dylan
    4. Dylan
    5. Dylan
    6. Dylan
    7. Dylan
    8. Dylan
    9. Dylan
    10. Dylan

    (I spit hot fire)

  2. This list is crap!! Where the hell is Karmin??

  3. I would prefer MTV not “discover” Kendrick Lamar. Or Danny Brown. Or ASAP Rocky. Or anyone from Shabazz Palaces, etc.

    Shabazz Palaces!!1! (Sorry.)

  4. The whole list is void. Rick Ross has made it very clear he’s not a star.

  5. So if I can ask Stereogum, what would be your Top Ten rappers of last year?
    I love silly, subjective lists

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