Santigold - "Disparate Youth"

Last month, Santigold gave us “Big Mouth,” her first new single in forever. And today, she follows it up with another new one from her forthcoming album Master Of My Make-Believe. This one is called “Disparate Youth,” and it’s a catchy and bottom-heavy new-wave track that could’ve fit in just fine on her first album. She’s posted a video for the track that animates the single’s cover art just slightly; watch it below.

(via Disco Naïveté)

“Disparate Youth” will be available on iTunes tomorrow, along with remixes by Switch, the 2 Bears, and Amateur Best.

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  1. I completely support songs that sound like her first album

  2. dear stereogum, why does your web page always have to reload itself after it loads up the first time? please fix this

  3. This is a beautiful track. Yes.

  4. i liked it until that little guitar riff kicked in around the 40 second mark and then i fell completely in fucking love with it

  5. it sounds like a dance floor version of Drake’s “Headlines’…dope

  6. much better

  7. Why wasn’t this her first single?

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