Jack White - Blunderbuss

Blunderbuss, Jack White’s first-ever solo album, is out in a couple of months, and we’ve all heard the pretty-great first single “Love Interruption.” And now White has decided to let the world see the cover art and the tracklist for the record, neither of which is particularly illuminating. That’s the moody cover above; you’d think he could at least point a musket at the camera or something. And we’ve got the tracklist below.

01 “Missing Pieces”
02 “Sixteen Saltines”
03 “Freedom At 21″
04 “Love Interruption”
05 “Blunderbuss”
06 “Hypocritical Kiss”
07 “Weep Themselves To Sleep”
08 “I’m Shakin’”
09 “Trash Tongue Talker”
10 “Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy”
11 “I Guess I Should Go to Sleep”
12 “On And On And On”
13 “Take Me With You When You Go”
(via Pitchfork)

Blunderbuss is out 4/24 on Third Man/Columbia.

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  1. well this is terrible.

  2. Hilariously emo album cover, interesting batch of song titles, can’t wait!

  3. Pretty lame album cover. Almost makes me not wanna get the vinyl. I’m trusting the music will be good as always.

  4. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • They want it to be better/more interesting, not necessarily happier. And anyways, if the point of album artwork is to express the exact some feeling/aesthetic as the music then Cannibal Corpse has the best album artwork of all time.

  5. Pretty sure I know the lyrics to the chorus of “Take Me With You When You Go”

  6. I feel similarly to how I felt before the Simpsons Movie came out. I was a little worried it was gonna suck, which would have been tough, because the show had kinda fallen off. Then when I saw it and it was really good I realized I really shouldn’t have been worried b/c the Simpsons have really good writers and there is no way they would let the movie be bad.

    I liked Love Interruption, but the b-side was pretty lame and I think I can safely say the same about the cover art. No way Jacky boy would let this album suck though right?

  7. So excited for this!! I can’t get “Love Interruption” out of my head! In a good way. Have yall seen the music video for it? http://vevo.ly/A4mwXL

  8. Huge Jack White fan. Can’t wait for the new album on 4/24! The video for “Love Interruption” is awsome, simple and to the point. It’s basically just a really well shot live performance. http://vevo.ly/A4mwXL check it out!

  9. Atta boy, jack. There’s not a single thing he does that does not captivate, impress, and confuse me all at the same time.. which of course is the best part. The different projects (dead weather, stripes, etc), the different sounds, the different looks, the different videos (esp the new one for love interruption)… he’s one of the only artists to always keep me guessing. Which is what I love most about him! Anyway, ramble ramble… i think this new song is great and really can’t wait to hear the rest in just a couple months.

  10. well, “sixteen saltines” sounds promising. it’s getting me excited to hear what the other tracks will offer. guess we’ll find out soon enough! http://jackwhiteiii.com/

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