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  • Sleigh Bells @ Mayan Theater
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Sleigh Bells

BTW and Saturday Night Live alumnus Sleigh Bells sold out the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles bringing along six Marshall stacks, a twin Jackson guitar assault and blitzing light show in support of their latest album Reign of Terror. Jennifer Herrema’s new project Black Bananas rounded out the noisy bill. Check out the photos above and the setlist below.

01 “True Shred Guitar”
02 “Born To Lose”
03 “Riot Rhythm”
04 “A/B Machines”
05 “Kids”
06 “End of the Line”
07 “Comeback Kid”
08 “Tell ’Em”
09 “Leader of the Pack”
10 “Straight A’s”
11 “Treats”
12 “Infinity Guitars”
13 “Rill Rill”
14 “Demons”
15 “Crown On the Ground”

Reign of Terror is out now on Mom+Pop.

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    • what the fuck year am i in? Blair blowin his dick up all over the site with 90′s nostalgia and concerns like “selling out” and being a”poseur”. wtf dude are you still pissed that clinton banged lewinsky too? is the simpsons still good in your year broski. back to the future yourself. bro, please.

      • whoa i’m flattered you paid attention to my Converse diss. i stand by it, it’s lame you all accept a new song by the buzzband Converse.

        also sleigh bells are posturing so hard you can justify bringing back the early 90s term “poseur” just for them. they should be proud.

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