Sun Kil Moon - Among The Leaves

Former Red House Painters leader Mark Kozelek has a new album, Among The Leaves, coming out under his Sun Kil Moon pseudonym. Below, we’ve got a download of the leadoff track “Sunshine In Chicago,” which finds Kozelek in bittersweet-reminisce mode, singing with charming specificity about a listless night on tour in the city of the title: “Sunshine in Chicago makes me feel pretty sad / My band played here a lot in the ’90s when we had / Lots of female fans, and fuck, they all were cute / Now I just sign posters for guys in tiny tennis shoes.” Download it below.

(via Pitchfork)

Among The Leaves is out 5/29 on Caldo Verde.

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  1. “guys in tennis shoes.”

  2. That’s a great line you quote from the song, but I think it ends “…and guys in tennis shoes.” (not tiny shoes, because, what is a tiny shoe?)

  3. It is, although it’s sad because I am that guy in the tennis shoes. Great song though

  4. I’m going to go on assume it’s “guys in tiny shoes” because I like that line better. Mark Kozelek, behind the merch table, grumbling to himself: “Goddammit, another dude with those microscopic little bird feet.”

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    • so much disagree. i’d argue about it but i know i’d go on for wayyy too long.

      • Why are you comparing the two? They are so different.

      • i wouldn’t say they’re that different. both brands of music are softer, fairly acoustic-minded, have lots of sentimental lyrics, use somewhat orchestral arrangements, tug at the heartstrings, etc. i just think kozelek does it all better. but then again i’m completely biased because i’ve loved kozelek for far longer than i’ve been aware of bonny bear.

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