“DoYaThing,” the previously-announced blockbuster collaboration from the Gorillaz, James Murphy, and Andre 3000 is now online in radio-rip form, and we’ve got it streaming below. As promised, Damon Albarn quasi-raps a couple of verses before Andre jumps onto the track and generally rips him to shreds. Also, Murphy sings the chorus in a weirdly squeaky voice. Listen to the whole gleaming trainwreck below.

UPDATE: Here’s the official recording:

And a 13-minute version can be heard here.

The song will be available for free download at the Converse website tomorrow, and the people at the shoe company should feel proud that they are subsidizing Geto Boys references.

Also available: Gorillaz Chuck Taylors to add to your rock sneaker collection

Gorillaz Chuck Taylors

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  1. fantastic *cries and wipes tears with the Aquemini liner notes*

  2. I think I’d like this better if I hadn’t spent all day listening to Kanye West and Danny Brown. I probably should’ve cleansed my palate with some Bonny Bear.

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  4. Oh my god…Andre 3000 come back to us soon. Favorite verse since Jazzy Belle

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  6. And let us all please remember: Converse is actually Nike

  7. can we get an Outkast album now?

  8. Weird…

    Busta: Raps fast, says nothing

    Andre: Raps fast, says everything

    • Dude fo reeeal. So on point. I swear to god in every one of his verses nowadays busta rhymes like 3 polysyllabic synonyms together in the same line, which literally equates him to saying absolutely NOTHING of meaning.

      In the carter 4 for example: underrated/uncompete-with-able/understandable/unreachable/unspeakable/unfeasible… i woulda thrown an unimpeachable in there too… but seriously i think he peaked with gimme some more.

      and yeah, i always forget that andre’s the greatest rapper alive, mostly cus he barely raps anymore. been lovin all his recent output. we NEED MORE ANDRE!!

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    • But what do you really think?

    • Blair quick: Name 5 sincere non-sell-out artistic artists: go!

    • You’re right, it’s all money to him. Which is why he decided on one of the most consistently lucrative career paths available: touring indie musician.

    • Yo dawg remember when he was commissioned by Nike to write 45:33 almost 6 years ago?

    • seriously WTF now i have to delete all my Mozart Symphonies because i didn’t know he was a FAT FUCKING SELLOUT FOR THE AUSTRIAN EMPEROR

    • Cool story bro.

    • “…this negation, maintained so long that is now rigid, has become artificial too and leads to another sort of sterility. The theme of the exceptional poet born into a mercantile society…has hardened into a presumption that one can be a great artist only against the society of one’s time, whatever it may be. Legitimate in the beginning when asserting that a true artist could not compromise with the world of money, the principle became false with the subsidiary belief that an artist could assert himself only by being against everything in general.”

      Quotation from Create Dangerously by Albert Camus.

      I do tend to feel alienated from an artist when they make some form of concession to money. I think ultimately it is a compromise of integrity no matter how you look at it – I say compromise, not forfeiture, on purpose. I think we keep ourselves honest when we question monetary incentives but we are doing everyone a disservice when we write someone off just because one of their many projects was organized by a shoe company. At some point, insistence on financial independence is too much of a burden on the artist, which seems (to me at least) much more controlling and damaging to art, the artist, and ourselves than arts funding (no matter the source) could ever do. What has done more to muddle discussion and reception of The Moon and Antarctica (what has done more to damage the art?): the fact that it was paid for and distributed by a major label or that no discussion about the album is “complete” without some mention of how unfortunate it is that it happened courtesy of Sony?

      But whatever, delete all the LCD Soundsystem songs from your corporate funded, assembly line built first-world luxury of a personal computer. Hope it makes you feel good.

      /end amateur philosophy

      • If “Artist” was a salaried gig, paid for by a government funded not-for-profit organization where every employee was paid equally and fairly and all profits were actually donated to charity, then I feel like a “sell-out” could be an actual alternative to being an “Artist.”

        As it stands, there is no way to be a full time artist without either being born into money, or being subsidized by an entity motivated by capitalistic principles. So either we get part-time artists with day jobs who will never be as talented or work as hard on their art as someone born rich who can spend all their time cultivating art that likely far less describes the world the masses recognize.

        Or sometimes a shoe is sold.

    • People seriously need to learn the difference between “Selling-out” and simply “Selling”. There is nothing artistically destructive about making money for your art. If your art is of any worth people will want to pay for it. So what?

      There is nothing that is more artistically pure simply because no one wants to pay for it.

      “Selling-out” refers to artists that change their art, or allow it to be manipulated into something they do not believe in for the purpose of selling more of it. It is when their art becomes more about making money than making art. This is a hard line to judge (Did Modest Mouse sell-out? Or where their last few albums just less interesting?) But when you call someone a “sell-out” at least be prepared to have an intelligent basis for your claim.

    • “seriously WTF now i have to delete all my LCD songs because i didn’t know he was a FAT FUCKING SELLOUT FOR SHOES”

      “James Murphy is a fucking sell out who should never have had any acclaim in the first place. i smelled this on him long ago when you were all pretending he was sincere and artistic.”

      So you “smelled this long ago” and you’re complaining about having to delete his stuff now? Shouldn’t you have deleted it back then? Contradictory…

      Also, your grammar is lacking.

    • What did he smell like?

      I bet you smell like buuuuuuulllllllllllllshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt bROSKI!!!

    • i bet if you had an actual profile picture it would be of a troll. please, and i say this completely sincerely, fuck off.

  10. Why is Murdock green? Also who are the other 2 characters – the babboon face karate guy and the freaky Watchmen-like shirtless guy???

  11. we’ve missed you Andre

  12. If it takes converse to get Andre 3000 working again, then I’m ok with it.

    Also, is it just me, or does James Murphy sound like he’s trying to channel Cee-Lo?

  13. All this talk of money and at the end of the day the song is FREE. So Converse gets some advertising, big deal.

    • [slaps forehead in disbelief] That’s exactly what makes it worse. It’s one thing to have a song you created used in an advert. Another entirely to specifically create music by commission for a morally and ethically dubious corporation in order to enhance their ‘cool’ quotient..

      • Can we get an Andre 3000 solo album now?!!!

        • That reply was meant to go somewhere else…. but in response to this Dave dude, can you please stfu with all your complaints about advertising? I don’t know what cave you’ve been living in for the past 50 years, but music and advertising is as intertwined nowadays as people in the 18-25 age bracket and downloading music illegally. Your crusade is a noble one, on the surface, but you’re nevertheless criticizing all artists who have ever made any profit off of their work (and i feel an artist should be able to do whatever the fuck he/she wants with his/her’s work) . Everyone has to make a living, even those in the creative fields. How do you make a living? Do you feel like a sellout when you’re cashing your paychecks? I guess anyone who accepts money is a sell-out.

          I’m a participant of Occupy Wall St. Some of us within the movement love the concept of a Utopian-like society with no currency, no money at all whatsoever, but that’s not the reality that we are all living in. And if we choose to be active participants of society and live in a capitalist country, there is a certain amount of compromise/assimilation that will occur.

          But please understand what the concept of selling-out really means. I’m so tired of whiny hipsters bitching and moaning about this or that selling out when it doesn’t fit their personal delusional little fantasy-world of what music should be- the only thing that’s really selling out is their common sense and rationality. Get real bruh.

          • “you’re nevertheless criticizing all artists who have ever made any profit off of their work ” – Erm, I’d love to know how you came to that conclusion. I’ve got huge respect for the Occupy movement but a lot of your reply makes no sense at all. I’m not even criticising acts who lets ads use their music (although I wish they wouldn’t). Just people taking cash from companies to make a particular song. These guys are all rich anyway. It’s just so tasteless. Music is supposed be from the heart, not the wallet.

  14. Steady watch me navigate hahahahaha

  15. James Murphy’s venturing into the music world now? hope it doesnt distract him too much from his venerable coffee business

  16. if we’re done talking about who is and isn’t selling out, can we talking about how awesome that was?

  17. …Did that really end with “Can we get an Outkast album now?”

  18. I have sneaking suspicion that, had this track appeared on a Gorillaz album there would be alot more praise here. That being said, I’m happy it exists and I’ll still wear Chuck Taylor’s so it’s win win.

    Also, it’s strange that people are only making the claim that James Murphy has sold out in this case. These guys are all from pretty major acts on some pretty major labels, so it seems par for the course really.

    P.S. Why is Grimes on the Stereogum homepage in like 4 different spots right now? Get a room guys!

  19. To all the people making the ridiculous selling out argument http://youtu.be/s6zVUvmkyvA

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  21. everyone just relax. talking about sellouts is wack dudez. cum on….
    this is a great track. I miss LCD.

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  23. Oh my God, this is terrible. How dare these guys actually want to be PAID for their abilities! I refuse to listen to any of these artists any more because they require compensation for their work.

  24. It really stinks that since I like this song I now have to go and buy a new pair of shoes. Oh wait, I have free will so I can enjoy an advertisment and not have to do anything about it.

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      • When did pop music become “art”?? Make no mistake, this is not punk, this is not hip-hop, this is not rock n roll. It’s POP. Gorillaz are a bunch of cartoon characters! This type of music was created to be exploited.

        If you like how this song sounds, you should probably listen to it. If you don’t, then you probably shouldn’t.

        By the way, If this is what it takes to get Andre making music again, I’m all for it. Better than designing all them clothes and textiles and such.

  25. So anyway, the song was pretty solid – I look forward to the extended mix!

  26. The extended mix is the shit.

  27. Andre 3000 is still the best rapper alive. On another note, check out the Official (unofficial) RON PAUL 2012 PLAYLIST here http://newagora.me/2012/02/25/the-official-unofficial-ron-paul-2012-playlist-disc-1/#comment-170

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