Islands - "Hallways" video

In the video for Islands’ jumpy, jittery quasi-pop song “Hallways,” frontman Nick Thorburn is surprised to find himself singing for a band of marionette skeletons, but he gradually gets into it. The skeleton puppet effects are just awesome, and there’s a fun surprise ending that I’d rather not give away. Lex Halaby and Toben Seymour direct. Watch the clip at YouTube. (This is probably a good place to mention that we’re having some problems with embedding YouTube videos at the moment, and we’re working to get it fixed.)

Islands’ new album A Sleep & A Forgetting is out now on Anti-.

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  1. someone should count how many music videos start with the classic walk-in-and-put-the-needle-on-the-record routine. (i am too lazy)

  2. Best video of recent times. (this week).

  3. My fav song from the new album <3

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