Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher

The Caption Contest is mostly Videogum’s territory; it’s been over a year since we’ve run one. But then, it’s been over a year since we’ve seen a photo this monumental: Britpop-era archrivals Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher sharing a supremely awkward and drunk-looking hug on the red carpet of the Brit Awards. Back in the mid-’90s, Albarn’s Blur and Gallagher’s Oasis had lots of fun saying mean things about each other in the press, but now Gallagher says stuff like this: “It’s funny to think Blur were last here 17 years ago when we were big rivals. Isn’t it funny how we’ve both mellowed after all these years? We’ve buried the hatchet.”

So here’s where you come in! What’s Damon saying? What’s Noel saying? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Photo via NME]

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  1. Damon: “I’ve been doing quite well. Writing rock operas, creating the biggest band in the world, collaborating with artists, and making millions. How about you?”

    Noel: “Uhh…please come back to Blur”

  2. Damon: “Well, it seems that only one of us is even remotely relevant now” Noel: “Give us a kiss, mum?”

  3. It’s tough to look back in anger after an entire bottle of Gordon’s.

  4. Damon: “Brother, can you spare a dime?”
    Noel: “Wot?”

  5. Brit Grand-pop

  6. Noel: I got nothing left, Damon. Please, give me a song. At least, give me a hook.
    Damon: haw haw, i dunno who this guy is.

  7. Noel: “Okay, you win — You clearly have more talent, but at least I still have all of my front teeth.”

  8. Both: Now that we’re both drunken has-beens let’s drown in the Guiness and bury the hatchett
    (aside: in each other’s backs)

  9. Gorillaz vs High Flying Birds had nothing on King Kong vs Godzilla.

  10. Damon:… what’s poking me in the leg?
    Noel: Just roll with it

  11. noel -”damon please let me join blur “

  12. “i smelled this on those two long ago when you were all pretending they were sincerely nemeses. it’s all bullshit to them and you’re all lemmings.

    Well the jokes on you because I already deleted all my Gorillaz, Blur and Oasis songs from myApple iPod ha ha suck on that, you FAT FUCKING SELLOUT FREINDZ”
    - Blair Francis

  13. …and then, as quickly as the dry humping started, it was over. In the post orgasm afterglow Noel pulled Damon closer.
    Noel: Good boy, can I light you a ciggy?
    Damon nods his head and slowly slides down Noels leg.

  14. Noel: “I’ve got a champagne supernova near my thigh”
    Damon: “Woo Hoo”

  15. Noel: “You didn’t die from AIDS!”

  16. Noel: “oi smushed our dicks mate??’
    Damon: “duuuuuur INNIT!!!!”

  17. Gorillaz vs. Birds

  18. Master ventriloquist Noel Gallagher reveals his Damon Dummy at the Brit Awards.

  19. “Yeah that’s right I’m The Debt Collector”
    “Leave it aht mate, I Ain’t Got Nothin”


    Thinking about Oasis ‘n’ that, Andy Bell loved Beady Eye’s support band in Chile, any good chiefs?

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