Time to Rank & File the biggest stories in our world from the past seven days — i.e., the things we would be talking about at the watercooler if we had a watercooler. An item’s RANK reflects a story’s size, while its BUZZ (thumbs up, or down, or both) reflects its nature. Scroll beneath the image for links to the articles referenced within.

1. Watch Sleigh Bells Perform — And Justin Timberlake Impersonate Bon Iver — On SNL
2. Odd Future – “Rella” Video (NSFW)
3. Blur – “Under The West Way”; Watch Blur Play The Brit Awards
4. Album Of The Week: Frankie Rose Interstellar
5. Gorillaz – “DoYaThang” (Feat. James Murphy & Andre 3000)
6. Grimes – “Angel”
7. Premature Evaluation: Bruce Springsteen Wrecking Ball
8. Strange But True: ‘Kraftwerk’ Was Trending on Twitter
9. Jack White Blunderbuss Details
Watch Sleigh Bells Perform — And Justin Timberlake Impersonate Bon Iver — On SNL; Watch Bon Iver’s 4AD/Jagjaguwar Session

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  1. I’ve come to realize that the Buzz Chart is directly correlated to my weekly musical purchase buying habits. “Sleigh Bells gets a thumbs up at #1? Well, I guess I won’t miss that $7.99 all that much…”

  2. I personally think Bone Liver should have been higher on the list. That AIR session was the best thing I heard this week.

  3. You are right, Stereogum, about Bruce Springsteen. He has nothing on Sleigh Bells. What a bum!

  4. I always keeps my promises.

    I ONLY HOPE ddogunit doesn’t put me in my place

  5. In all seriousness, the biggest story for me this week was the passing of Christopher Reimer.

    As someone who has been listening to the two Women album CONSISTENTLY over the past year, this news hit me very hard. Possibly a combination of how young he was and how AMAZING he was at guitar.

    You will be missed Chris.

    • Absolutely seconded. Criminally underappreciated band–those two albums are minor masterpieces in my book. I didn’t know him or anything, but he was an extremely inventive guitar player, that’s for sure. Very sad loss.

    • The loss of Christopher Reimer is really, really rough.

      Besides his work with Women (which is great) he was part of a quirky project called Azeda Booth, which put out one full length with him as part of the lineup and it is gorgeous. I only very recently heard it for the first time but it has made such a massive impression on me. On my speakers near constantly.

    • Yeah this one bums me out, he was so young and such a great guitarist to listen to. I was one of the hopeful that Women would return, but this blows.

      Bummer musical week for me.

  6. your beef with Kraftwerk was that it was hard to get tickets? Playing each album all the way through is the best thing i could hope for from them. (even though there’s only one founding member left)

  7. No one really listens to Bon Iver, do they?

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