Radiohead played their first US show last night in West Palm Beach, Florida. We were Cinco de Mayoing in NYC so we missed it, but Rolling Stone was there. Let’s hope they carpooled. Via RockDaily:

Radiohead clearly reveled in their surroundings, as Thom Yorke strolled onstage wearing a Don Johnson-styled white blazer while wryly crooning “All I Need” like a Miami lounge lizard to open last night’s show, the first on the band’s U.S. tour for In Rainbows. The impersonation only made the music seem more menacing; not just a simmering come-on, but a song about obsession and grotesquerie. Those sleights of hand are what Radiohead shows are all about: The jacket came off promptly, video screens crackled monstrously to life, and Radiohead ripped into a snarling take on “Bodysnatchers.” Just as Yorke had stripped himself back down to a non-descript rocker, his band had suddenly mutated into a hulking arena monster.

Radiohead must have made some serious cash with In Rainbows, and by the looks of it they’ve spent a good part of that money on an incredible new live set-up. To deafening applause, the quintet took the stage enclosed in a massive cave of long, drape-like lighting fixtures, which hung down vertically from the stage’s ceiling programmed for a variety of dazzling effects. Behind them, an ultra-wide movie screen blared thermal video of each member from multiple angles. Both the amplifiers and Yorke’s piano were emblazoned with Tibetan flags.

You can see that flashy stage show in the video clips we tracked down.

“The Gloaming and “The National Anthem” are the best quality. We’ll admit the rest are rather shitty, but at least this way you can hear that they sounded awesome, and get a feel for the lights they’ll be toting along when they come to your town.

“The Gloaming”

“The National Anthem”

“There, There”



“15 Step”


Yes, they kinda get worse in quality as you go on! Here’s the full set list:

01 “All I Need”
02 “Bodysnatchers”
03 “There There”
04 “Reckoner”
05 “The Gloaming”
06 “Morning Bell”
07 “Nude”
08 “How To Disappear Completely”
09 “15 Step”
10 “Weird Fishes”/”Arpeggi”
11″ Idioteque”
12 “Bullet Proof (I Wish I Was)”
13 “Where I End And You Begin”
14 “Airbag”
15 “Everything In Its Right Place”
16 “The National Anthem”
17 “Videotape”
18 “Optimistic”
19 “Just”
20 “Faust Arp”
21 “Exit Music (For A Film)”
22 “Bangers + Mash”
23 “House Of Cards”
24 “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”

Also, the ’Heads have posted some of their own Floridian pics. Give Jonny a hand.

UPDATE: As commenters have noted, edyoufinrule has some great vids from last night. For example, here’s “Faust Arp”:

And “How To Disappear Completely”:

And “Idioteque”:

More here.

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  1. here is a good collection of youtube videos

  2. ah yes – concerts with songs.. . like the days of past!

  3. Nick  |   Posted on May 6th, 2008 0

    The first one isn’t the gig from last night.

  4. Hunter  |   Posted on May 6th, 2008 0

    radiohead is so overrated. what a bore

  5. I watched about a minute of that Gloaming video before I had to turn it off and fight an unbearable urge to go kick heads in. Few things make me want to scream more than the blathering idiots who show up when Radiohead comes to the US every few years and chatter through the entire concert. SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR A COUPLE HOURS OR STAY HOME YOU FUCKING TOOLS!

  6. I so wish that they’d make it back to Calgary. It’s been way too long. OK Computer tour.

  7. it was a great show and the lights are incredible. i wish they played older stuff but that was expected.

    i like how thom said at one point before a song “this is an old song” and it was something off kid a. it makes me feel old.

    if anyone remembers when they play “everything in it’s right place” and there’s words scrolling across the screen, last time i saw them it said “forever”. this time it said something but i couldn’t make it out.

  8. A.J.  |   Posted on May 6th, 2008 0

    Thursday night in Atlanta, I can’t wait

  9. Wells  |   Posted on May 7th, 2008 0

    I can not even express how very upset I am that I will not be going!!!!!!!!!!!! tickets sold out before I could get them :(

  10. bobby  |   Posted on May 7th, 2008 0

    this was a very very good concert.

  11. from the left side … front row[s] seats … pristine audio … you can even hear RH talking … lucky is as lucky does …

    weird fishes / arpeggi ::
    idioteque ::
    everything in its place ::
    optimistic & just (1st encore) ::

    simply incredible …

  12. from the left side … front row[s] seats … pristine audio … you can even hear RH talking … lucky is as lucky does …

    weird fishes / arpeggi ::
    idioteque ::
    everything in its place ::
    optimistic & just (1st encore) ::

    awesome SHOW !!

  13. ironicslip  |   Posted on May 10th, 2008 0

    why not :: optimistic & just :: the first encore – opening night 05.05.2008 west palm

  14. Elephantina  |   Posted on May 13th, 2008 0

    I love Radiohead. But they shouldn’t support the Tibetans without sound knowledge of what’s really going on in China and Tibet. I’m really disappointed.

  15. Good videos, GREAT sound quality
    from the West Palm Beach show May 5, 2008
    ps looks better if you click “watch in high quality”

  16. artun  |   Posted on Mar 2nd, 2009 0

    I totally miss that , if anyone know if they are coming back for a concert in 2009 could you let me know ? i dont really wanna miss it. You can contact me at the following adress:
    And also if there is any band covers songs from radiohead , and if they have upcoming concerts i’d like someone to let me know , please. Thank you.

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