Watch Fallon As Vedder Sing "Jeremy (Lin)"

In the spirit of TeBowie, Jimmy Fallon-as-Eddie Vedder reworks Pearl Jam’s classic “Jeremy” into an ode about the Knicks’ point guard sensation (who didn’t exactly have his best game last night, but it was the league’s best defense, so, yeah). It’s good, but where does it rank in the grand scheme of Lin tributes? You be the judge. Watch below.

Jeremy Lin recently shared his favorite bands. Pearl Jam was not included.

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  1. Love him or hate him, Fallon is consistently doing the most inventive stuff of any late night host right now. I really hope he starts to get some more respect because he actually seems like a dude I’d want to grab a beer with.

  2. Har Mar Superstar opened up for The Hives in about 2002 at First Avenue and did pretty well.

  3. this really puts a damper on my karaoke rendition.

  4. also this schtick was more relevant to my interests when it referenced lol internets.

  5. This very well may rival Neil Young singing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

  6. How could anyone not like Jimmy?

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