The Shins - "Simple Song" Video

This week, we ran into a bit of a problem as it pertains to this list: For some reason, YouTube embed aren’t rendering when we put them in. We’re not sure why that is, but we’re looking to fix it. (And if any readers know anyone at YouTube or Google who could help us out, please do!) In the meantime, we found Vimeo embeds for four of these five videos and posted a link to the other. Click below for this week’s list.

5. Lo-Fi-Fnk – “Kissing Taste” (Dir. Magnus Härdner)

The two members of this returning Swedish synthpop group, as well as an assortment of other attractive Norse young people, endure what you’d have to imagine would be extreme coldness to romp underdressed through their homeland’s wintry tundra. It’s all done with the sort of sharp atmospheric austerity that could only ever come from Scandinavia; consider it a less creepy, more affectionate cousin of those great Fever Ray videos from a couple of years ago.

4. Islands – “Hallways” (Dir. Lex Halaby & Toben Seymour)

A fun haunted-house romp of a video with an ending that’s gruesomely funny without overdosing on gore. But the real reason this belongs up here is that those skeleton marionettes are just great; they dance exactly the way you’d hope skeleton marionettes would dance.

3. French Montana – “Shot Caller Remix” (Feat. Diddy & Rick Ross) (Dir. Colin Tilley)

Old-school rap-video largesse of the type that we rarely see anymore, shot in black-and-white so sumptuous that it doesn’t look low-budget. Diddy’s asymmetrical-haircutted girlfriend Cassie steals the whole thing with one cold, hard stare at the camera. I have no idea why those Chuck Taylors and basketball nets are on fire, but it works. And is that Waka Flocka playing trumpet? I hope so.

2. Screaming Females – “It All Means Nothing” (Dir. Screaming Females & Ken Castellano) (NSFW)

In which we learn that this trio’s rhythm section has serious sketch-comedy chops. Unlike in the Islands video, the joke’s gruesomeness here does kind of overwhelm the punchline, but it’s pretty funny regardless. Also, those performance shots of the band in the backyard are straight fire. (Watch it here.)

Screaming Females - "It All Means Nothing" Video

1. The Shins – “Simple Song (Dir. DANIELS)

This is one of those situations where the obvious choice is also the right one: An impeccably shot shaggy-dog family story that manages to create pretty fully-formed characters without the benefit of dialog and then gives them all a heartwarming ending. Shout out to James Mercer for not embarrassing himself in the acting department. And somehow, a perfectly timed shattered vase to the head is always funny.

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  1. I was wondering what the deal was with your not embedding the newScremales vid yesterday. I felt dirty and that I was doing something wrong since I had. Have you tried embedding the videos using the old code format and not the format? Just a shot in the dark, but my feeble existence using Blogger initially hated the new code format until recently. Doing the reverse could render a temporary band-aid solution for the time being.

    • Apparently it’s not a technical issue — we’ve actually been blacklisted from embedding videos for some reason! No idea why. I’d never even heard of that before.

  2. I think you’d be surprised about the budget of the French Montana video.

  3. Anybody else click on that French Montana vid and immediately think “Oh shit, I haven’t heard that Lords Of The Underground joint in years!”?

  4. These were all great… though, I have to say that Beirut’s Vagabond is a much better video/song then the French Montana one. At the very least, it deserves an honorable mention. Unless, of course, it came out last week. If so, my bad!

  5. Wow! Really? There’s still people that talk about music videos?? Isn’t this like doing a column about 8 track tapes or buggy whips??

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