Liv Tyler - "Need You Tonight"

INXS’s “Need You Tonight” is one of the all-time great karaoke jams because it’s a great song and because you don’t actually have to be any good at singing to do it justice; you get just go full-on breathy delivery. In a weird new ad for Givenchy perfume, though, Liv Tyler still finds a way to fuck it all up, though the quasi-industrial arrangement is as much to blame as her pained vocals. For some reason, this thing has a full-length music video that looks very much like a perfume ad, and you can watch it here (via IndieWire).

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  1. I definitely blame the industrial arrangement. It sounds like it was created by session musicians, unlike a band or musician that actually likes the music they play.

  2. It would help if she had a range of more than one note.

  3. This is disgusting. Some things aren’t worth sharing.

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