Arctic Monkeys - "R U Mine"

Suck It And See, their last album, came out less than a year ago, but the Arctic Monkeys are already cranking out new songs for no obvious reason. Their latest, posted online with no details early this morning, is a sneery, charged-up riff-monster called “R U Mine?,” which already has a video. In the black-and-white clip, the former Sex Pistols guitarist and current KROQ DJ Steve Jones gives a quick intro, and then we see various Monkeys making tough-guy faces and playing air-drums while driving. It’s fun! Watch it at YouTube.

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  1. so…where’s the video?

  2. Best video so far this year

  3. arctic monkeys were my fave band around 5 years ago, they’ve fell off a bit lately but they still have it, i hope the next album is as good as their first.

  4. Is is it me or did America not care that much when the monkeys first came out? all these blogs and magazine only focused on the hype, then totally didn’t care about their next two cds, now they are finally becoming known again in the states. They are one of the hardest working actual bands in the world in my opinion, not to mention one of the best on a technical level, so glad black keys picked them to open for their arena tour


  6. dece – where’s jamie?
    i sort of miss the “teddy picker” style of jamb they used to have. that video and track sums up everything i loved about the arctic monkeys. They sort of jumped straight from that to a let it be cock rockingness (bad analogy?)
    but, want my old shit, buy my old album, i know

  7. So you guys are still on Youtube’s blacklist?

  8. arctic monkeys so fast at making new single, i think this year they will release new album after ‘suck it and see’.

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