Bowerbirds - The Clearing

Next month, the reliably gorgeous Raleigh folk trio Bowerbirds will return with The Clearing, their third album, which they recorded partly in a cabin in North Carolina and partly in Bon Iver’s Wisconsin studio. We’ve already posted the songs “Tuck The Darkness In” and “In The Yard,” and now we’ve got all 11 tracks of the album streaming after the jump. Click below to hear it.

The Clearing is out 3/6 on Dead Oceans.

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  1. Super good stuff.

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    • I don’t understand. Are you talking about production? Songwriting? What exactly is “hypey”?

      Sounds like a natural evolution from the last record, based one my first listen. The songwriting seems as solid as ever, and it sounds like their getting more comfortable introducing new production elements. It also seems like they are tapping a bit into the spirit of their Ticonderoga days, which sounds pretty nice to me.

      • Ugh – “they’re”, not “their”. Sorry, internet.

      • I just don’t feel like the production adds to their core wonderfulness. Previous records felt like every note and rhythmic sway was planned and perfected, whereas there is much more empty sparkle sprinkled on this one. BUT – I intend on giving it plenty of listens and hoping it exceeds my initial disappointment.

        • @Tom – I’m pretty sure you undermined the validity of anything you may have been going to say with the phrase “bon iver hypey garbage”. Not only does that manage to make about as little sense as possible, while being horrendously vague, but it makes it pretty clear that you care less about the music and more about being a smart ass.

          Pro-tip: Like music or don’t like it. Just don’t be a moron.

  3. this album sounds absolutely gorgeous. love it. can’t wait to hear them play it live!!!

  4. if a band stays the same from record to record…people say they need to grow and evolve. if a band evolves into something that involves a bit more production…people say that they have lost their character and charm. whatever. i really like it…and all of the previous work. keep it up BB!

  5. Bowerbirds strong suit has always been their ability to create the sense of a landscape appearing before you as the song/album unfolds. They’ve certainly kept that up on this album and I love it for that.

  6. Absolutely loving it! Bowerbirds remains the only band that has their entire discography as a playlist on any one of my music devices. Looks like I have 11 new songs to memorize.

  7. I agree. A nice step down the little path they’ve been cutting in their neck of the woods. With each record the path goes deeper and gets wider. If you pause a moment and look up, you’ll see a v-shaped sliver of sky and maybe even a shooting star. Beautiful stuff.

  8. If you don’t like a Bowerbird’s song or album upon first listen, It’s okay! It’s brilliance will eventually creep its way into your soul. Phil and Beth are two of the best songwriters around today.

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