Last night in Miami, Radiohead kicked off their American arena tour with a stop at Miami’s American Airlines Arena. During what looks like an awesome 24-song set, they took the opportunity to debut a couple of new songs, a disoriented percussive wailer called “Identikit” and a slow-moving quiet one called “Cut A Hole,” both pretty excellent. They also played the Airbag EP’s “Meeting In The Aisle” live for the first time ever. And Thom Yorke wore a ponytail, so prepare yourselves for those things to become suddenly cool. Download audience recordings of “Identikit” and “Cut A Hole” below…

…and watch “Meeting In The Aisle” here.

01 “Bloom”
02 “The Daily Mail”
03 “Morning Mr. Magpie”
04 “Staircase”
05 “The National Anthem”
06 “Meeting In The Aisle”
07 “Kid A”
08 “The Gloaming”
09 “Codex”
10 “You And Whose Army?”
11 “Nude”
12 “Identikit”
13 “Lotus Flower”
14 “There There”
15 “Feral”
16 “Idioteque”
17 “Separator”
18 “Airbag”
19 “Bodysnatchers”
20 “Cut A Hole”
21 “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi”
22 “Give Up The Ghost”
23 “Reckoner”
24 “Karma Police”

[Photo via Thom Yorke Rules!]

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  1. New songs aside, is anyone else losing their shit over how cool the stage design looks?

  2. I’m not going to call it a “hook” but Identikit gives the listeners something to grab onto first listen. I like that. And it has to be fun for a band to have a discography so strong it can omit classics and get away with it in their setlists.

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      • Cats are notorious Radiohead haters.

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          • Wait wait stop right meow,
            Do you mean In Rainbows only had 2-3 good songs, or that after In Rainbows they’ve only 2-3 good songs. Because you say none of them were on KoL which leaves, well 2 or 3 non-KoL songs. If you’re saying that after KoL all of their songs have been good, then why are you not excited for even newer songs?
            Sadly, this is not the first time I’ve argued about Radiohead on the internet with a cat before

          • In Rainbows – the best album of a decade
            King Of Limbs – awful
            Good songs: staircase, the butcher
            Even tkol remixes are mostly boring, athough for me bloom mark pritchard rmx overall is far better song than the original

          • Christ, do we still have to remind people? GOBLIN is the best album of the decade

  4. “Identikit” sounds great. Hopefully we’ll get a studio version in the future.

  5. wow identikit sounded bad-ass to me

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  7. Identikit reminded me of Animal Collective a little bit at first for some reason. But then it got really good and Radiohead-like.

    • It sounded a little different in person. The vocals were almost certainly a play on the Animal Collective back and forth Noah/Avey vocals but the instrumentation felt kind of the XX-like (specifically like Basic Space.)

      Still a really exciting new song.

  8. Identikit sounds great…. My weird hope is that the next Radiohead album is 15 two minute songs.

  9. every pony has its tail

  10. With the red pants, the ponytail, and the hip wiggle, Thom looks mighty Axl Rose-y. Hopefully it’s only a temporary resemblance and not a lifestyle choice.

  11. No Paranoid Android? That song was the best live performance I’ve ever seen.

    • yeah happened last time i saw them too…i guess ya gotta give them slack on that one, it takes a lot of energy to pull that bad boy off night after night. i bet they swap it for karma police the rest the tour, maybe there there.

  12. Thom’s sick of it, the other band members have to talk him into playing that song from time to time IIRC.

  13. New songs sound cool THOUGH hard to really tell with the audio being so flawed:( BUT i’m just happy they’re here again, happy Thom shaved that ugly beard, happy the new set looks amazing, and happy to see them prove once again who’s the king of the music world:) (and PRAYING for news of a couple MIDWEST dates!!! ….i can’t fathom them skipping Toronto and Chicago)

  14. I really hope they play more out of In Rainbows/Ok Computer (probably not) when they come to Seattle.

  15. I love that they played Meeting in the Aisle. Did not expect that deep of a cut from them. Psyched for their Austin show!

  16. The only thing that could’ve made that performance better is Thom’s bowler hat.

  17. I think the new songs sound great. Then again, I didn’t exactly throw a tantrum over the King of Limbs, so maybe I’m just easy to please.

  18. Do Stereogum peeps or anybody have any dirt on whether Radiohead plans on announcing any Northeast dates on this tour?!?!?!

    I’m up in Boston, and I can’t believe they haven’t or won’t announce anything closer than Atlanta. They are coming back to the East Coast for Bonnaroo, so I’m hoping they announce something around that. But they haven’t and it’s stressing me out!

    A rabid Northeast fan needs to see this show!!!!

    • Yeah I’m a nor’easterner too by way of Philly. They play in Tennessee for Bonnaroo and tickets are amazingly still on sale, so looks like I’m going to have to drive on over there — close enough.

    • north ANYWHERE you mean mr selfish, ZERO word on Chicago/Toronto yet either, and they’ve never not played Toronto on any tour here i know that for sure.

  19. FWIW the Radiohead site says tickets for tonight’s show in Tampa are “on sale now.” I guess they found a few extras.

  20. Call me crazy, but I think “Cut a Hole” sounded much more interesting than “Identikit”, although both songs have potential to be amazing on record.

  21. Dear Radiohead,

    I still love your super-rational instincts.
    I love how you slow down and take your time.
    It’s so lush.

    I just keep thinking…..
    Maybe this next time will be different.

    I want you to break free from these human restrictions.

    I want to hear guitars, again.
    I want to hear you scream, again….

    Love always,


    • Dear Joe, thanks for your comments but…would you rather we just break up vs. doing what we want? Cause we almost did that 10 years ago, so I’d say if you love the band, love the band 100%, warts n all. Guitars will come and go, and we understand your preference for the past sounds, but we’re constantly evolving that’s just the way we are, hope that’s good enough for you.



      • Hahahahaha…..

        I can’t argue with you…

        Codex is in my all-time Top 5…

        Long live Radiohead!

        • Codex makes me wet.

        • Really? huh. I’d say top 15 maybe, but that’s a hard list to compete with, 2/3 of OKC deserves to be in their top 10 alone. I’d go with Separator over Codex anyway, it’s the one true standout track that’s totally different from all the rest, and with that amazing unusual beat you gotta love it. Where as Codex as yummy as it is, sounds very similar to a lot of ballady stuff Thom was writing 95-99. BUT, I don’t care about any of that, all i care about is an announcement of “RADIOHEAD ADD MORE US DATES” cuz i’m freaking out I’m not gonna be able to see them this spring/summer:(

          • I really enjoy Separator also, espcially when the subtle sweet guitar enteres at the midway point, but the Codex steady piano trumps it, in my opinion. Perfect for a peaceful night drive.

  22. way to drop the ball with the Radiohead new TOUR DATE announcement today S’gum, but that’s ok, i’ll comment on it anyway, “THANK GOD!!! and holy shit they’re playing michigan for the first time since 97!? wow, i’m gonna TRY to see 3 of these shows…though with ticket demand, not too realistic, i’ll settle on two:)’ there.

  23. Word to the wise…..

    The best way to ruin any song is to set it as a morning alarm….
    Separator has been my AM wake-up noise for a while now…..

    The song is officially ruined….
    The opening drum loop like nails on a chalkboard for me now…….

    That’s not Radiohead’s fault, though……I have no one to blame but myself……..

    .Codex is amazing in every way……
    It IS peaceful…..Sets a mood…..
    Reminds me of camping…..

    Summer. Love.

    Good luck with the tickets, Davey….

    • Oh man. I never thought of it as an alarm song. I have been using “Splendor” by M83, “Powa” by tUnE-yArDs, abnd “Lisbon” by The Walkmen. I’m gonna rip you off and ruin Separator also. It seems like the right thing to do.

      I might have to call in sick so I can attend the Tuesday, may 29th show in Boston. It’s a goal of mine to see them live before they break up or I die.

  24. Good luck, maxyumtime….

    You have been warned about the alarm…

    They put on a great show….
    I’ve seen them a few times, with zero regrets….

    If you get a minute, you should check out my band.
    We’re named, Where the i Divides.
    Big melodies and big guitars….
    I sing.
    Hope you dig…

    (Please don’t mind the shameless plug…..)

  25. Why bother uploading this crap? The sound is horrible, not giving any respect to the music or the artist. Does anyone care about sound quality anymore? I would rather NOT listen to music than to endure this aural assault.

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