James Mercer

Despite his pivotal importance in Garden State, Shins frontman James Mercer has never exactly seemed like the type of musician who would catch the acting bug. But he did a nice job of it in his band’s great “Simple Song” video, and now he’s also the star of a new Funny Or Die sketch called “Clapping Butter.” See, he needs to use the title substance to keep his claps from sounding like iron pans banging together. Whatever, just watch it.

Hey, but “Simple Song” is still a good song!

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  1. That was weird but worth it for the last 3 seconds. Port of Morrow in 20 days!

  2. Is that Carrie Brownstein rocking out on the toy keyboard?

    • I thought it was Miranda July at first… now thinking it’s neither. Oh Yoko – great song yo (ko).

      Pretty off topic, but did anyone else see The Future? I really didn’t like that film.

  3. I’m oh, so very confused.

  4. way too go x time i won’t thnk your job is sooo difficult…. how funny…

  5. When I first got a link to this the title was just “The Shins – ‘Clapping Butter’” and I thought it was going to be a new song.

  6. love the shins, but this was mediocre

  7. Not funny, Echo Echo on Portlandia was.

  8. Haha love it! Have you guys seen the video they just released for “Bait and Switch”? Amazing song, i’m so excited to hear the rest of Port of Morrow: http://bit.ly/w2xs4V

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