Best Coast Designs Clothing For Urban Outfitters

Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino took to Twitter today to announce that she’s designing an upcoming line for Urban Outfitters. Proof:

Before people get carried away, realize that there’s plenty of precedent for this: Kim Gordon did a line for UO in 2009 and Alexa Chung (though not a musician, obviously) still has a line for Madewell.

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  1. I wonder what Rick Santorum thinks of this..


  3. Hope she does a winter line as well. Might be too early to say, but I think she really might be capable of designing the best coats.

  4. My mom used to wear coolots, too…

  5. still waiting for jad fair’s bed linen collection

  6. Here’s Bethany’s original submission for the particular piece seen above:

  7. maybe balls crust should do a line for uranus outhouses?

  8. Just because Kim Gordon decided to make clothes for a company that supports Rick “Frothy Asshole” Santorum doesn’t mean I have to be cool with Bethany Cosentino doing it.

  9. this wwould be weird as fuck not in black and white

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