Wide-eyed space-pop explorers Grandaddy, who broke up in 2006, are joining the ever-growing list of reunited bands; they’ll reassemble to play at least a few shows this year. As NME reports, they’ve only got one gig announced thus far: A set at the End Of The Road Festival, which comes to North Dorset, England 8/31 – 9/2. That festival’s bill also features Grizzly Bear, Beach House, Tindersticks, the Antlers, Dirty Three, and a bunch of others. And Grandaddy are also planning to announce more reunion shows shortly.

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  1. Good on them. It was kind of weird that one of their last major tours was opening for Saves the Day during their support of In Reverie, but in retrospect and seeing that The Fire Theft also opened, why did I not attend one of those shows?

  2. heres hoping their not out of step, the world needs another Sophtware Slump

    • Yes but we do not need another Sumday. I must admit that I so rarely love one album (SS) and hate another by the same band. Usually at least like SOME of their other output…..

  3. holy fuck break out the razors boys, jesus

    • Why? I’ve never understood why anyone shaves anywhere (male and female alike), except when it becomes, oh, impossible to eat. This reminds me of the time a little twink I knew said he thought body hair was unnatural. Um, it grows, so how can it be…? Oh, never mind. Personally, I think more men should have facial hair. I never trust anyone who’s clean-shaven – it seems they’re ashamed of their body.

  4. Sweet. Lytle’s Department of Disappearance will be out this summer already and now *maybe* a Grandaddy release will come of this.

    Must make sure the Talkscapers know of this…..

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