Elvis Costello on Fallon

We’re deep into Bruce Springsteen Week on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, a five-night celebration of all things Boss that started with Springsteen himself rolling through to play a couple of new songs. In the past two nights, John Legend and Kenny Chensey have both appeared and covered Springsteen songs.

Last night another titan came through the show to salute Springsteen: Elvis Costello, who teamed up with the Roots to cover two Springsteen songs that aren’t among the man’s best-known works, twisting them into interesting new shapes. First, Costello and the Roots did the Tunnel Of Love single “Brilliant Disguise,” turning it into a loose-limbed, breakbeat-driven funk vamp. Then, they did the live favorite “Fire,” reworking it as a ska tune and swiping the horn riff from the English Beat’s version of “Tears Of A Clown.” Watch Costello take them on below.

Well now, that was pretty great.

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  1. Elvis Costello needs to take The Roots out on his next tour. This was pure magic.

    • Elvis’ band the Imposters are so deep, why would you prefer to hear him with a Television Band? Pete Thomas is a drummer who knows how to lay down more than one groove, why would you like Elvis to sound like a hip hop artist? Excuse me, but what exactly are your musical credentials? In my opinion this is not the best thing the Man has done by any means. I am so sick of hearing Elvis playing with the wrong musicians. The Sugarcanes are a fine example, great musicians, but did you go see any of those shows? Judging by that stupid looking orange cap on your head, you are a real music expert? The good news for you is that your wish is about to come true. However, for the real Costello fans, this is just another diversion, and not a particularly interesting one. If you want to hear the real shit, go see Elvis with Pete Thomas, Steve Nieve and Davey Farragher, while you still have the chance.

  2. Elvis Costello please release new music. I apologize on behalf of everyone who has been less than kind to your new stuff in the past ten years or so. Really we are dreadfully sorry.

  3. That horn part isn’t from English Beat’s “Tears of a Clown”. They’re quoting Harry J’s “The Liquidator”, a really popular tune from the late 60′s.

  4. That horn Intro/outro part is also used by The Staple’s Singers ” I’ll Take You There” as well as “The Liquidator”.

  5. Elyse Howdershell  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2012 0

    Great videos:) All Springsteen fans must enter this contest to see him live on May 2nd!:)

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