Chairlift - "Met Before" Video

OK, this is pretty righteous. Chairlift’s new video for “Met Before” is a straight-up choose-your-own-adventure, where you use your keyboard’s arrow keys are critical decision points in the plot, which is basically Caroline deciding which classroom crush (one of which includes Jorge from Violens) to chase. Dap to Chairlift, and other artists switching it up, for nailing the execution. Adventure on, below. Jordan Fish directs.

Something is out now on Columbia.

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  1. Really cool. Then again, I expect nothing less from the people that brought you the Evident Utensil video.

  2. I went right at the nerd guy drawing and instantly regretted my decision when I realized there was only going to be some heavy petting rather than some second base action.

  3. Can somebody post the decisions that lead to romance? I just made a major scientific discovery, and that’s pretty cool, but this girl went through a lot of work to make this song and video about her campus crush and I think she deserves to night of lovin’.

  4. So neat. Everyone should buy Something; it’s the best record of the year so far for my money.

  5. So, is the near death experience/girl on girl action ending the best one?

  6. She died on me. Total bummer.

  7. In mine, she and the chick discussed healthcare reform for 45 minutes and then went to Ann Taylor. I think I did it wrong.

  8. Pick the left option when she lying on the ground after being stung by bees for the best ending.

  9. mushroom trip story is awesome….

  10. This is very ingenious

  11. Its kinda confusing

  12. The girl she kisses is Starfawn’s Amber Schaefer

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