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Tomorrow night’s episode of Saturday Night Live should be pretty fascinating: Lindsay Lohan attempting to salvage a career, Jack White doing his best to launch his solo endeavors, some sort of inevitable and richly deserved Oscar evisceration. And below, we’ve got three promos for the show that feature White alongside Lohan and nerd-glasses Andy Samberg. Watch them below, but be warned: They are not even a tiny bit funny.

Saturday Night Live airs at 11:30 eastern on NBC.

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  1. Those promos are great, nice job A++, wait they were written and performed by adults, and not 3rd graders putting together a skit for Home Studies class? Oh, well you’re all going to have to stick a fork into an electrical socket please.

    • Great downvote, person who really enjoyed and genuinely laughed at these ‘comedy bits’

      • I get it. If you say something negative about anything that’s popular its gonna get downvoted, it doesn’t matter how sound your reasoning is.

        What I don’t get is why SNL is still popular.

        • It is sometimes funny. Seth Myers is good at weekend update, and Jason Segal’s Andre the Giant impression this season was a highlight, even though it was only 30 seconds long or so.

          At the same time though, there is really no defense letting Lindsay Lohan host. It’s a very transparent ratings-grab. She’s not doing anything with her life, nothing at all to promote, and she’s not a comedian. There are so many funny talented people who would work perfectly, given SNL’s format. They should be ashamed of themselves, really for giving in to the nonsense tabloid desires of the masses. Maybe they have to? Maybe ratings really are so bad that this is a desperate plea for people to watch?

          • It isn’t nearly as bad as it was, from about ’03-09 it was virtually unwatchable. Still, it is a shell of what it was in its hey day and given just how bad it was earlier in the decade I am amazed how much good will the show manages to maintain with viewers.

  2. “Hey Jack, just try to act really awkward, like you don’t want to be here at all”

    “No problem”

  3. He’s being very funny lately… are sales going that good Casper?

  4. hey uh, how about if you guys pull up some snl promos that are funnier than this

    that’s right, because there aren’t any. they’re all lame.

  5. My own feeling is that Adam Samberg is usually funny, as is Fred Armisen…Usually if I am going to watch it I will check the opening monologue and the musical acts but a lot of the material esp later in the show is just weak. Weekend Update is often funny though..

  6. well as long as he plays love interuption im happy

  7. anything samberg does is hilarious

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