Right now, Radiohead are touring some of North America’s finest hockey arenas, and they’re intermittently using the occasion to debut some new songs. At the tour’s Miami opener, for instance, they trotted out new jams “Identikit” and “Cut A Hole.” And during last night’s show at Dallas’s American Airlines Center, they did it again, playing a song called “Skirting On The Surface.” Previously, Thom Yorke had done the song while on tour solo, but Radiohead had never played the spare, eerie track together before. At the same show, the band performed the “Pyramid Song” B-side “The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy” live for the first time ever. Watch fan-made videos of both performances below.

“Skirting On The Surface”:

“The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy”:

[photo by Matthew Smith @ Philips Arena]

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  1. Love your new hairdo, Thom

  2. Love that p4k thought The Amazing Sounds of Orgy was a new song.

    Anyway, thanks for posting. Skirting on the Surface sounds great.

  3. the amazing sounds of orgy has always been the perfect halloween tune.

  4. And that is the sound of the rabid Radiohead community losing their collective shit. The Amazing Sounds of Orgy!

  5. I can never get over the way Thom dances, it’s so ridiculous/hilarious. Good new song, though.

  6. I think he is clearly losing himself in the music…..
    That makes him a good dancer……

    Christ, at least he’s fucking moving up there…..
    Most lead singers just sit there, trying to look cool.

    I was looking forward to some screaming guitars at the end of Skirting on the Surface….
    A giant crescendo, of sorts….

    Okay, fine, Radiohead…..
    Be that way…

  7. I’ve got tickets to see them here in Australia at the very end of their tour. By the time they get all the way down here in November I’m expecting some ultra-deep cuts, or the Sesame Street theme song or something.

  8. Skirting on the Surface = Walking on the Moon

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