Peter Gabriel Pulls Tune From Rush Limbaugh

In response to Rush Limbaugh’s loathsome comments about activist Sandra Fluke, Peter Gabriel has decided to pull “Sledgehammer,” a track apparently used during Limbaugh’s rant, from the show. Per his Facebook:

Peter was appalled to learn that his music was linked to Rush Limbaugh’s extraordinary attack on Sandra Flute. It is obvious from anyone that knows Peter’s work that he would never approve such a use. He has asked his representatives to make sure his music is withdrawn and especially from these unfair aggressive and ignorant comments.

Pretty much everyone associated with Limbaugh is pulling their money from his program. I’m not sure what took so long.

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  1. Now time to pull from Romney and Santorum and we’ll be alright.

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  3. Rush Limbaugh? more like Rancid Lardballsatan’s minion – amiright?

    • Does everyone REALLY think donnytilla is funny? I don’t comment much on the interwebz but I’m just curious if there are people that also think he tries really hard to be funny all the time. I know there are people that go to stereogum just to like his comments and back him up on petty internet fights but do these people honestly think he’s funny? Been wondering this for awhile now.

  4. Who ever told Rush he was funny? Seems like his “jokes” are the only thing that gets him in the news. Ahhhhh, perhaps that’s his plan to get pub. Anyway, with sponsors bailing, it seems like he made a slight miscalculation. If he wanted to slam her, he could’ve just called her a liar and a free-loader and been done with it.

  5. I’d say that was a good decision, Big Time.

  6. Rush Limbaugh? Fuck that guy….hey Peter rejoin Genesis and take ‘Lamb’ on tour one more time

  7. While sponsors may be afraid of losing customers due to advertising during his show, Peter Gabriel withdrew his song from the show because he does not want his music associated with hate, sexism, and ignorance.

    Good to see an artist stand up for his own music and what he stands for (or against in this case).


  8. In response, Limbaugh was spotted at Gabriel’s house with a boombox over his head.

  9. “I’m not sure what took so long.”

    The demise of the Republican party is what took so long.

  10. The “jewish” networks make a lot of money going after child predators yet the evidence indicates Rush Limbaugh – a “jew” of course – is one of these predators. WHAT KIND OF DEMON RAPES LITTLE BLACK BOYS WHILE ON VACATION IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC?

    Isn’t it just astounding that neocons refuse to believe anything bad about their god Limbaugh but if this same charge were levied against Obalmy they’d stage a million “man” march?

    DEAN BERRY MINISTRIES: “When a government outlaws ‘terrorism’, it’s planning something for which ‘terrorism’ is the only recource.”

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