Free Energy - "Electric Fever"

Two years ago, Philly classic-rock revivalists Free Energy released Stuck On Nothing, an absolutely spotless and weirdly underrated album full of direct-to-the-brainpan bubblegum hooks and blazing dirtbag guitar solos. I absolutely fucking loved it. Today, we get the first taste of the band’s sophomore album, and their M.O. remains blissfully unchanged. “Electric Fever” has cowbells and whoa-oh backing vocals and chicken-scratch funk guitars and a solo that would not sound out of place on the Dazed And Confused soundtrack. It’s great, and you can download it below.

Free Energy’s album Love Sign is on the way, and it can’t arrive soon enough.

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  1. I cant think of a better song to be released on this first warm day of spring than one by Free Energy.

    • It’s still fricking 30something with some b.s. about it being 60 tomorrow where I am, but yeah! I feel great after listening to this! I’d just been wondering what they’d been up to, so this is great news.

  2. Fuck yeah summer jams.

  3. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Mar 6th, 2012 +1

    absolutely fucking love this. fuck fuck fuck

  4. Nice to see positive comments here. I feel like this is a band that you either love because you embrace the vibe and have fun with it, or you completely write them off as a rip-off, which I can totally understand. Personally, I loved the first album, and their live shows are really great. Looking forward to hearing more of this.

  5. Sounds like a crappier version of:
    Bachman Turner Overdrive – You Aint Seen Nothing Yet

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