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Just after midnight, via @BeacccheHoussse, comes a track called “Myth.” It is presumably from their forthcoming Sub Pop LP, and assuredly right up your alley if you are into the Beach House brand of swelling sentimentality and/or the room-filling vocals of Victoria Legrand. (Possibly true fact: “Legrand” is French for “the grand.”) Dig in, and then repeat, because it is lovely:

The song’s streaming on, too.

Thanks for the tip, Stephen.

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  1. Well isn’t this just the loveliest thing.

  2. One of my fondest memories is driving to from Austin to Dallas around midnight, nothing except pitch-blackness all around, singing along with Teen Dream as I plunged into the void; it was the closest thing my little atheist self has had to a religious experience. If this song is any indication, I’ve got another religious experience on my hands.

  3. BH was the first concert I went go, and I will never ever forget that excitement when they came on stage. And of course, new song is stunning, but I’m waiting for the studio version of “Wild”, which was mind-blowing when they performed on the closing tour.

  4. This is just brilliant


  6. Was hoping for greatness — was not let down in such hopes.

    This shit kills.

  7. It was really worth waiting for this… Love it, love it!

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  10. This is the by for best Beach House song.

  11. Holy crap this song is so good! I’m super hyped for the new album now!!!

  12. Wish all the roads, mountains were speakers playing this song…

  13. unanimous praise. what a gem of a ditty

  14. Beach House heals.

  15. Beach House can never do anything wrong. “Myth” shows beautiful consistency while their teen dream has grown up a little.

  16. Ah yes! Fantastic way to be welcomed home from work. Surely this is undislikeable!

  17. I actually never liked Beach House that much . . . but this track’s pretty awesome

  18. I just wish it didn’t stop.

  19. ever since i heard the rumor about “bloom” i have been patiently awaiting for this exact moment in motherfuckin time to arrive. so happy it didnt disappoint.

  20. Have Victoria and Ed Droste ever sang a duet together? Because that would probably be the greatest thing to happen, ever.

  21. Beach House to me has always been one of those bands that while I understood why people liked them so much, I personally found them a little boring. I’m really digging this track though, I’m pretty excited to hear more from them.

    On a side note, I’d like to formally predict that this chick will be the # 1 Indie crush for 2012. She wasn’t on the 2011 list b/c Beach House didn’t really put out any music or do anything, but she will be indie crushed upon very hard in 2012, mark my words.

    • She has the funky name and the hair to pull it off, that’s all that matters. Well, besides having vocals you can live inside, and songwriting that puts 95% of indie bands to shame, and creamy keyboarding chops….fuck

    • They were actually really boring when I saw them live last year. But I agree this track is really good.

      • Although you got downvoted, I completely agree, they were boring when I saw them at Treasure Island. I love their music, but they did not put on the best show (far from the worst). Hopefully they will be more exciting next time.

    • Yeah, she was totally robbed when Stereogum didn’t do the poll in 2010.

  22. such perfection..
    i’m so happy right now

  23. Yes, Absolutely!

  24. Doe Paoro?

  25. I’ve listened to this song 27 times already today and I have no plan to stop anytime soon. This album is going to kill me.

  26. I love it.

  27. I love ‘em so much. Everything they do is just perfection <3. Nothing else to say.

  28. Hooray! My tip made it onto Stereogum! This made my day!

    And the song is freaking awesome as well. So excited for the whole album, needless to say.

  29. hell yeah. this is amazing.

  30. Goddamn, I love this band.

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  32. This year is turning out to be stacked with exciting new music. Fiona, Beach House. Who’s next?

    • Hell, *yesterday* was stacked with news about exciting new music–new Beach House song, Bear in Heaven’s new album available for download on pre-order, and *anything* related to new Fiona Apple… ::swoon::

  33. when i listen to beach house my heart grows

  34. I’m glad there’s a Stereogum post that has generated so many positive comments. Who could hate Beach House? God, they put me to peace.

  35. Glad Beach House didn’t try to “grow” with this record. As a musician i think it’s best to always do what you’re good at and to do it well. Just like in life, know your role and play it well, nothing else really matters.

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  37. this puts me in such a good mood, i wanna start hugging everyone.

  38. Call me crazy, but I think this is the best Beach House song.

  39. Call me crazy, but i think this sounds like Eyes Without A Face

  40. I absolutely thought this was a cover for the whole first time I listened to it. This is what it reminded me of, good call.

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