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  • The 25 Bands We're Most Excited To See At SXSW 2012
2:54 The sisters Thurlow have churned elements of '90s alt.rock and shoegazer era smolder into their fantastic, Alan Moulder-mixed debut EP Scarlet. Fat Possum just snatched them up, they are a Stereogum BTW, and if these reasons don't compel you to track them down in Austin, you probably missed your flight home from Interactive or whatever. Go see them, they're great!

Hey, everybody, it’s that time again! South By Southwest 2012. Are you ready? How’s your hashtag game? Can you feel the early-onset FOMO? As the Austin institution grows larger and larger, with more and more high-level acts (ahem) interjecting themselves into the fray, there’s still plenty of room for the groups that are just starting to get attention or those longing to sustain it. We’ve broken down 25 acts that we’re really excited to see at this year’s festival, from the gut-punch, guttural grunt rock of the Men to the more traditional, heartwarming hooks of Hospitality, and from the throwback, heavy-hitting vibe of the Black Hippy rap collective to the WUH-WUH-WUH-WHAAAOOOOOOOO of Skrillex. Check out the gallery for a rundown of the 25. Our Range Life party goes down late Thursday night, so head over yonder to RSVP and here to scope a playlist featuring the artists on the bill. Below, a playlist of the bands we’re most excited to see that aren’t gonna be at our party:

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  1. 25 bands that will be forgotten by next year.

    • That’s a shame about your short term memory.

      • No, really. That’s the bad thing about indie music — when you’re catering to a group of people who are fleeting by nature, so becomes your art. Eventually it becomes a saturated mess of people releasing music for free on the Internet until Stereogum and Pitchfork find one decent enough to blog about for a few months. They play a few festivals, do some collabs, make a fashion line, all until the next big thing rolls around.

        At least mainstream acts can stay popular for decades.

        • some folks like bland music too, can’t hate on that.

        • What you are saying is spot on, I don’t even really want to follow bands anymore though, I would rather just hear the best few songs a band has to offer.

        • Well according to Randy Jackson, American Idol has had an “Indie feel” these past few years, maybe you should find music there.

        • “At least mainstream acts can stay popular for decades.”

          There will be a bunch of indie acts from this generation that will continue on strong.

          Mainstream acts have to go through just as much of a vetting process. It just all happens behind record companies doors.

          Because indie rock is so associated with the ‘blog-o-sphere’, everything is done out in the open and we get to see how the sausage is made.

        • Every “mainstream” act used to be an indie band. There’s no difference just your personal preference.

        • Wesley,
          Wise words. Wise, wise words.

      • Wouldn’t that be long term memory?

        • I don’t think this is somehow a product of the “blogosphere.” Indie rock has ALWAYS been about a rapidly changing landscape. If you look back to the nineties, and I’ll just take Touch and Go as an example, who really remembers The Delta 72? Urge Overkill, anyone? I’m not dropping obscure names to seem hip, but at any given time there are hundreds of bands gestating and reconstituting. The question is which ones will survive the test of time and be remembered and which ones will be a footnote. We can try to speculate, but if you had told me after Here Comes the Indian came out (which I know is already AC’s third album or so) that Animal Collective would be an institution I might have said you were nuts and pointed to The Stills or something. And I would have been wrong (and dumb).

    • overtrolling lol

  2. One more to the list and since you have Deafheaven on here, I’d say that Whirr should be checked out if possible. Whirr features Deafheaven’s guitarist Nick Bassett, they make huge-sounding guitar-heavy shoegaze and their debut Pipe Dreams comes out later this month. I believe this is one of the first times Whirr has traveled outside the Bay Area to play, so I’m curious to hear the reception they get.

    • Thanks for the tip, sir. Deafheaven has been stuck in my iPod for a while now. Loves me the new generation metal that’s been cross-pollinating with shoegaze.

      I’d also like to pimp Taken By Cars who’ll be playing at The Loft on Thursday night.

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  4. Jesus H., there are some good bands/songs in that list. Quit pissing on the art of others as you sit there and do absolutely fucking nothing with yourself.

    • To be fair, I think pissing on art is doing something. In fact, I think I read about some art a year or two ago that was made by pissing onto a canvas.

  5. skrillex for real though?


    Pix of Team Stereogum bro-stepping to Skrillex!!!

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  8. REPTAR!!! should be on this list.

  9. You’re gonna wanna see J. Roddy Walston and the Business.

    Guys? Really.

  10. dreams. reptar. vacationer. tanlines. kindness.

  11. Yeah, I didn’t want to see The Shins either.

  12. Alabama Shakes should really be on this list.

  13. LUCIUS should be on that list!!!!!

  14. The-Dream!

    Purity Ring seems to be really good, although I’ve only heard a few tracks

  15. Elyse Howdershell  |   Posted on Mar 9th, 2012 +1

    Woah woah woah…why isn’t Chairlift on this list? The video for “Met Before” is sooo good!

  16. We used to dream, now we worry about Japandroids getting missed

  17. SXSW has become a zoo, but I would go just to see Bruce Springsteen. Bruce, who will be playing SXSW, played at the Apollo Theatre in NYC last night. Bass player in my band, who is considerably younger than myself (he is mid 20s) says “I wish he would hang it up”. Without expressing my own opinion on this, I was wondering what some of you might think?

    • I like that someone upvoted your comment but refused to respond to your question. As long as I am typing, I’ll just say that, while I don’t listen to Springsteen, there is no reason for him to stop making albums if he still has new ideas and things of substance to say. Based on the handful of reviews I’ve read in the last decade, it would seem that he’s still got the spark.

    • as a early 20s springsteen who just spent WAY too much money to see him play next month, i emphatically disagree with your bass player. it’s pretty clear to me that he’s still doing it out of love for the music and his fans, and even if he never makes another darkness or born to run (or even another tunnel of love) i’ll still happily support him as long as he’s making records.

  18. Two problems: Texas, Skrillex.

    And not to be a pissant, but Django Django isn’t really “post-punk.” They’re more “brit-pop,” but that’s okay.

    • Texas is not a problem unless you are convinced that everyone is George W. Bush (who wasn’t born in Texas anyway). That said, Austin has almost nothing in common with the rest of the state. It is the southern Portland.

      • Well that doesn’t solve the Skrillex issue and underwhelming line-up.

        Too much “dark synth-pop” for my tastes, but as the Dude said, “that’s just like, an opinion, man.”

        • I’m not really into Stereogum’s list, but “underwhelming lineup”? I don’t really know how someone can make that statement about SXSW. There are 2000 bands, so if you have somehow listened to all of them already and you don’t even like 20 of them, the problem is with you. But yeah, you have to sit there for hours and do the work of digging and digging through the heaps of bands to find the awesome stuff. That’s what it’s all about. I am not even close to being done listening and I already know I will be seeing Ganglians, Built to Spill, the Magnetic Fields, Psychic Ills, Krista Muir, the Young, Dax Riggs, Colleen Green, King Tuff, Amen Dunes, Young Prisms, White Mystery, POND, Girls, OFF!, and Electric Flower.

          • Whoaaaaa man, whooooooaaaaaa man. Can’t you tell I’m not from TX and this is a jealousy issue?

            As in, “you can have your cake and eat it too Texas.”

          • Dude, whatever else you do in life, never see Psychic Ills in real life. I am trying to help you out here, friend. Trust me on this.

          • Jason, I’ve seen them a few times, and they were great.I actually prefer them live. I’ve seen them play stuff from the albums, and I’ve seen them improv entire sets; it was always haunting and cathartic.

  19. skrillex is on here and not twilight sad? twilight sad’s new album is one of the best of the early year, and you guys haven’t done shit talking about it. skrillex is a joke.

  20. “25 unoriginal,mediocre, and bland bands” would be a better title.

  21. I agree with the idea that a lot of music has became fleeting but Mirel Wagner will be around for a while I think.

  22. no odd future? count me the fuck out. probably cause they go to fucking hard for this hipster shit.

    • Is this guy for real? I mean, everybody downvotes him because they think he’s serious, but I’m really starting to have my doubts.

      • wtf?? am i for real? odd future ripped the shit out of SXSW last time they were there. none of those hipster pussies could handle it. no wonder they’re not coming back. they’ve got better shit to do than play some bullshit festival. tyler’s gonna release WOLF and bitches won’t know what hit them.

  23. Nico Vega? Girl In A Coma? Bass Drum Of Death?

  24. Nacho Picasso. Airplane Boys. A$AP Rocky. Tom Morello. And shameless plug for my budddies KNIFIGHT. lol


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