Time to Rank & File the biggest stories in our world from the past seven days — i.e., the things we would be talking about at the watercooler if we had a watercooler. An item’s RANK reflects a story’s size, while its BUZZ (thumbs up, or down, or both) reflects its nature. Scroll beneath the image for links to the articles referenced within.

1. Radiohead Add N. American Tour Dates, Radiohead @ Philips Arena, Atlanta 3/1/12, Radiohead – “Skirting On The Surface”
2. Beach House – “Myth”, Beach House Bloom Details
3. Arcade Fire – “Abraham’s Daughter”
4. Bradford Cox Covers “My Sharona” For An Hour In Concert, Bradford Cox Explains “Sharona”-Gate
5. Album Of The Week: Ceremony Zoo
6. s / s / s – “Museum Day”, Sufjan Stevens & Rosie Thomas – “Where Were You?”
7. Grimes – “Oblivion” Video
8. Watch Jack White On SNL, Jack White Announces SXSW Show
9. Amber Tamblyn, Hip-Hop Star
10. NYTimes Profiles Seapunk

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  1. Given the level of attention it received, I was just a bit surprised that #kony2012 wasn’t all 10 spots.

    • “OH MY GOD, THERE’S EVIL IN AFRICA? I MUST FORWARD A YOUTUBE VIDEO TO EVERYONE I KNOW!!! (hey, where the fuck is Uganda anyways? Ohhhhh it’s right above Burundi, just like I always knew perfectly from memory and could answer on cue before today.)”

  2. Somehow managed getting 8 tix to Radiohead’s Toronto presale this morning. Ho-lee fuck I’m psyched.

    I keep telling you it’s not sea punk it’s Free Chunk

    • Are they doing an arena? In Chicago they are playing a crap outdoor venue in a dumpy south suburb. I guess it will make it a lot easier to get tickets, but I was still pretty disappointed when I saw that.

      • Crap outdoor venue – actually one of the crappiest outdoor Toronto venues.

        But – I’ve seen them every time they’ve come to the Toronto area. I even drove out to Molson Park in Barrie when I was in high school to see them (that would be the equivalent of an outdoor venue in a dumpy north suburb) and they always kill it. It doesn’t make a difference where they play – whatever the elements are on that day…doesn’t matter. They gotta have the best tour sound crew available.

        Few years ago it was thunderstormy, superwindy…incredible humid. Possibly the best I’ve heard them.

        • In Wisconsin about an hour and a half outside of the city there is a really nice outdoor venue with good sound and pretty great scenery for Wisconsin. Wish they played there instead. It IS Radiohead though and I’m clearly being a baby. I’m thinking I should tough it out and go to a concert of a band I like at a venue I don’t. Also, don’t sleep on Caribou opening, they are great live.

          • I just found out that a good friend of mine had Dan as his University Calculus T.A. Apparently he has a math PhD? Or he was going for it when Manitoba hit it big? I dunno, we were 3 beers deep when the topic came up. Either way…Caribou is a hardcore mathematician it turns out.

          • I’m no mathematician, but I do know that Caribou+Radiohead=A great night of music!

    • You think the Goonies will save you from a concert bragging downvote freshie?!?!

      jkjkjkjk (not about the downvote, sucker) I actually would like to hear more concert war stories from fellow commenters. Especially since 2012 is looking to be a promising year for concerts….

      How do I know? Take the test!

      Is Radiohead touring this year?

      If YES — “It will be a good year for concerts.”

      If NO — “Six more seasons of Kings of Leon.”


      Music’s Groundhog.

  3. Something tells me that Sufjan Stevens is secretly recording state albums, but holding them in a Prince-like “vault” somewhere, away from prying eyes. Ya know, like, he’s got 26 of them complete, just waiting to spring them on an unsuspecting public. Or maybe I just think that would be funny so I want that to be the case. More likely he’s just never going to release another one.

    • im sure I read in an interview a while back that he had scrapped the states project entirely

      im cool with it, Ive fooled myself into thinknig the The Age of Adz is secretly his Washington album to help myself sleep at night

      • It always seemed like a completely silly or utterly brilliant idea, depending on how I was feeling that day. Admittedly, that was part of the appeal of the proposed project. But I think he got what he wanted out of it, anyway (for now). “People” now anticipate his next release, regardless of what the title may be. And it’s not like he can’t go back to them if the inspiration (or need) ever hits.

        • I believe he said that the whole thing was a marketing ploy, probably in the same interview that Levi mentioned. That really bummed me out, but then he released Age of Adz and I forever forgave him.

  4. Ceremony again! (I still can’t get used to it.)

    Speaking of which, you might have caught my rant in the Album of the Week post about how other publications all of a sudden are jumping on the Ceremony bandwagon due to their indie cred on Matador, excellent reviews and all (That’s all good for Ceremony, as they deserve the attention.) Well, the day after I wrote that, my point was proven. All I will say is if you have a writer publish a glowing review about Zoo one day, and then the next day that same writer posts a story where he / she absent mindedly confuses them with the Philadelphia shoegaze band and how they’re putting out a 7″ split with A Place to Bury Strangers, you’re probably the kind of “journalist” who has no business shaping the opinions of others.

    • Also, I can now respectfully say that this is the first time ever that I’m glad Brandon is no longer a part of Stereogum. I just did my morning reading and dude just gave Zoo a 5.4 in his Pitchfork review. Talk about a slam… What’s most interesting about his review is that his last paragraph uses the same jumping point as mine, but we go in complete polar opposite. It’s an interesting read nonetheless, only because it gives a completely different negative perspective on an album that’s mostly been universally acclaimed all places else.

      • Forgive me if i misinterpreted this, but did you seriously just say that you’re sick of people jumping on the Ceremony bandwagon and then criticize a review for not jumping on the Ceremony bandwagon?

        • No, but I’m glad you’ve prompted me to elaborate. I actually was expecting and kind of like Brandon / Pitchfork’s review because it’s one of the first major ones that doesn’t jump on the bandwagon. Anyone familiar with his writing knows that he gets his points across very articulately, as he’s one of the best reviewers out there right now, so you have to respect his different point of view. I don’t mean to be cynical about the way a lot of people have their impressions shaped by sites like Pitchfork, but a 5.4 rating as seen through the eyes of anyone who takes their word on it should slow the bandwagoneering. On the flipside, SPIN just gave it an 8/10, named it an “Essential Listen” (and that’s coming from SPIN‘s new era that boasts about Liturgy, The Men, Mind Spiders and operates under the direction of another level-headed critic in Chris Weingarten.)

          In Stereogum world, though, it made wonder, “Would Stereogum have gone as far to name Zoo the Album of the Week and place it 5th on the Buzz Chart if Brandon was still part of the staff and Tom was not?” Something tells me that sending in tips about any Ceremony-related news may have fallen on deaf ears given Brandon’s feelings about the album and that was the point I was trying to make.

  5. radiohead has got it goin on as usual

  6. Is it still some kind of blasphemous violent hate crime to dislike Radiohead?

    • I at people differently when they say they’re not that into them.

    • No. Definitely not. I used to hate all the hype they got back in the day. I didn’t get them at first and I still don’t love their earliest stuff. I did end up getting really into them after Kid A, though. I still absolutely love OK Computer (after the fact), Kid A, Amnesiac, Hail To The Thief and In Rainbows, but I think King of Limbs and all of it’s remixes are pretty much crap. Don’t really care if people take offense to that, either. No band it perfect – not even Radiohead – and personal taste is subjective, to say the least.

      To their credit, they’re pretty undeniably incredible live. And the new songs they’ve been playing have a nice old mixed with new vibe that gives me hope for the next album.

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