of Montreal - "Feminine Effects"

For Record Store Day, of Montreal will put out a split 7” with Deerhoof called “A Filthy Fifth,” and today the Athens indie vets posted their contribution to that release on their Soundcloud page. Stream “Feminine Effects” below.

It’s out as a limited edition release out on Record Store day via Polyvinyl.

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  1. Nice song, but it was released around skeletal lamping…too many bands release unneccesary stuff on record store ray. And I love oM.

    • you’re right, this song was on a compilation already, but this is an updated re-recorded version of it… i don’t see anything wrong with releasing that! i’m happy having both.

      • oh and as for the song, i think its one of the most beautiful songs he’s written. his vocal melody and performance are just great. the original was just piano/vocals but adding the other instruments definitely gives it a Floyd-y vibe, i dig it

  2. Hm, I always had a feeling this song was about Whitney Houston.

  3. i received an email from deerhoof today saying they’re going to be covering this song, and that of Montreal will be covering “secret mobilization.”

    exact quote:
    “also, be on the lookout this Record Store Day for a split 7″ w/ of Montreal titled A Filthy Fifth.
    of Montreal puts their own twist on “Secret Mobilization” and offer up this song for the b-side.”

  4. That’s pretty cool actually.

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