The Shins on SNL 3/11/12

The Shins’ fourth LP Port Of Morrow streams on iTunes on Tuesday, but fans paying close attention have already heard most of the album’s songs through various teasers and studio sessions. (Specifically: “Simple Song,” September,” “The Rifle’s Spiral,” It’s Only Life,” “Bait And Switch,” “No Way Down,” and “Port Of Morrow.”) Tonight saw James Mercer introduce his new lineup and new tunes to fans who maybe haven’t been paying such close attention, via the occasionally memeworthy and increasingly indie happenings at Studio 8H. The Shins appeared on Saturday Night Live once before, as did host Jonah Hill. Watch the SXSW-bound band perform “Simple Song” and “It’s Only Life” below.

“Simple Song”

“It’s Only Life”

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Port Of Morrow is out 3/20 on Columbia/Aural Apothecary. The $153.98 edition includes a tote bag.

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  1. Jesus, took you long enough!
    Nah but seriously, the only thing I miss about The Shins new lineup is that the bass player’s bass is way too high up. I liked seeing Dave Hernandez play his bass with his strapy as loose as possible.
    Just my two cents

    • Oh and for the obligatory “SNL sound succckkkkzzzzz; give me thumbs up!” post:
      SNL sound sucks.

    • > Jesus, took you long enough!

      Late start. Was watching Game Change!

    • Also who plays bass with their thumb? weird.

    • I also liked it when Martin Crandall would play bass hopping up and down with a smile on his face, genuinely enjoying himself creating great stage presence. But isn’t the new bass player the old one from Rilo Kiley?

      I’ve said this before on this blog and now watching them live, it cements it for me: I can’t take this band seriously. I’m sorry, I can’t. The new songs are great. “Simple Song” kicks ASS. The new band members are talented but the OLD Shins cast too much of a shadow for the NEW Shins, and that’s just it: we don’t call this band the Shins but the NEW Shins. The old band embodied everything the music they were playing suggested. Their image, their demeanor, their stage presence, how they played their instruments, their music videos, but seeing that photo of the new band above it’s look like a post-punk funk band and the guitarist looking and playing like St. Vincent doesn’t help either. I know I sound like a hater and I don’t mean too. The new songs are GREAT. I just think James himself doesn’t realize how much of a lasting effect the OLD Shins had on us. If James went under a different band name or his own name, there wouldn’t be an issue.

      • Although I can partly agree with you, The Shins started as James Mercer’s side project, had a rotating line up throughout its existence, and Wincing The Night Away was recorded mostly by a solo Mercer. Although it is sad that the band from Chutes Too Narrow and Wincing the Night Away are gone, it appears to be Mercer’s band, not a collective. The situation reminds me of The Smashing Pumpkins, where Billy Corgan wrote and recorded the entire albums by himself, but when he replaced Jimmy, D’Arcy, and James, things did not feel right. So I can at least understand where you are coming from.

  2. I miss the fat drummer.

  3. “Urgh! The Shins Suck!!”

    “No! You Suck!!”

    -Every post everyone is going to make.

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  5. Happy 311 day, everyone! We’re still all in on the group tattoo idea, right?

  6. With a different wig and beard, Justin Timberlake could do a good James Mercer too

  7. Backing vocals were kinda weak. Decent performance, nonetheless.

  8. well why weren’t 311 on snl before 311 day? its a sad world

  9. The new drummer is exactly what this band needed.

  10. I didn’t know they had a chick on the strings, she must be new.

  11. ladiesandgentlementheshins

  12. The problem with a production as lush and beautiful as what we’ve heard from Port of Morrow is that the live performance is unlikely to ever live up to it.
    Basically Mercer and the drummer sounded great here. Everything else was a bit flat.

  13. Much like their first time on SNL, they seemed pretty neutered and lackluster. Oh well, i guess they’re not called The Sex Pistols for a reason.

  14. I really like the new band. I especially like Jessica Dobson, following Annie Clark in a line of hot female guitar players with curly hair.

  15. Elyse Howdershell  |   Posted on Mar 16th, 2012 0

    My two favorite things:) I can’t stop watching the video for “Simple Song”1 3/20 is almost here!:)

  16. The Shins always do an awesome job live! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the new album on 3/20. You guys see the video for “simple song”? Crazy twist at the end! Did not see that coming.

  17. Hell yeah! This band is amazing

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