Vampire Weekend’s very familiar “A Punk” soundtracks a colorful (slow) trip (into the city) across Google Maps in an ad for the HP Photosmart Premium, “the world’s first Internet connected printed.” You’ll have to watch to see how it works, but note: Now your sense of touch is also a sense of direction. As far as Contra material goes, the guys returned from Mexico with “Cousins” as the followup to “Horchata.” Clearly good reason for a ticker tape parade. Watch them do it live after you watch the commercial.

“Cousins” on MTV Live.

For VW’s next single, “Cousins” is backed by “California English Pt. 2.” In case you haven’t memorized Contra’s tracklist yet, “California English”’s on it.

The 7″ is out 12/15 on XL. Contra is out 1/12 via the same label.

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  1. Somethin' Stupid  |   Posted on Oct 26th, 2009 0

    I guess we should almost be glad Sting ISN”T in this band…

  2. who uses a capo on a bass?

    just sayin….

  3. What You Got (Acoustic)  |   Posted on Oct 26th, 2009 0

    Ok…somewhere between the Go Go’s and the Police in terms of quality and spirit…which is decent…

  4. Troy  |   Posted on Oct 26th, 2009 0

    more like- somewhere between horrible and annoying yet bearable.

    pop yer collar, dawgg…

  5. wil  |   Posted on Oct 27th, 2009 0

    yeah, Ezra looks and sounds d-bagalicious.
    plaid is rad, we all have cousins and stuff. rock on, kids!

  6. ww  |   Posted on Oct 28th, 2009 0

    song is fine but how fucking cool does that printer look??

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