The Hives

Swedish garage-rock peacocks the Hives had their big moment in the sun a decade ago, but they’re still out there, playing shows and releasing music and sounding just as feral as they did back in the Return Of The Rock days. Their new self-produced album Lex Hives is coming out 6/5 on the band’s own Disques Hives label, and the hard-stomping, sax-laced first single “Go Right Ahead” is streaming at Rolling Stone.

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  1. I don’t mind it. I actually think this is a great year for them to put out new material, given the new new new found interest in punk-tinged garage rock à la The Men and anything Burger Records releases. The chorus sounds really familiar, though.

  2. I’m pretty sure it sounds a lot like “Don’t Bring Me Down” by the Electric Light Orchestra.

    I’m onto you, Hives!

    • Yes, that’s definitely it and more troubling: Why do I have an ELO song stuck somewhere in the confines of my memory?!

      • because that song fucking rules!

      • Because ELO was awesome and it’s about time the hipsters realize it.

        • hipsters are too busy drinking pabstBAHAHAHA f’in hipsters!!! yeolllow pantz bro come on bro! ELO4EVER’N’4LIFMOTHFUKKAZ!!!!!!!!!1broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!fartnuggetzbroskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!broskis!

    • Bah! I was going to say that too ha!

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