The Shoes - "Time To Dance" Video

In the video for the Shoes’ disco-punk banger “Time To Dance,” Jake Gyllenhaal plays a troubled individual who opts to spend his evenings by putting on a fencing mask and chopping fashionable young people into pieces. You know you’re balling out when you’ve got Donnie Darko murking people in your video. Daniel Wolfe directs. It’s nearly nine minutes of extremely gruesome creepiness, and it’s below.

(via Noisey)

The Shoes’ album Crack My Bones is out now on Gum Label.

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  1. Try getting a reservation at Dorsia now, you stupid fucking bastard!

  2. Your move, Ryan Gosling…

  3. It’s like “the best video ever” but only better than that.

  4. This is like a video that I’d like to imagine my friends and I might actually make, except with an actual movie star, so yeah, better.

  5. that was bees titities – real jazzed off that. grrrroovin n shit.

  6. captivating video – the song in the beginning is America by The Shoes as well

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