Scottish/Midwestern ’90s alt-pop survivors Garbage are back after a hiatus and ready to release Not Your Kind Of People, their first album in about seven years. We’ve already heard a preview of their song “I Hate Love.” And now we’ve got the first complete track, a bitingly sugary jam called “Blood For Poppies.” If I’m not mistaken, that’s the Transformers-transforming sound effect buried in the mix on the bridge. Listen to the track below.

Not Your Kind Of People is out 5/15 on the band’s own STUNVOLUME label.

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  1. I love that these 3 guys already looked old in the 90s, but they don’t really look much older now.

  2. well, not bad at all.

  3. Jonathan Espeche  |   Posted on Mar 16th, 2012 -2

    Vocal delivery is a bit too MIA meets Rihanna

  4. GIANT sound – worth waiting 7 years for.
    Detractors – suck it.
    Sounds like – well – everything sounds like something else sooner or later – so what – just enjoy listening to a band that has actual talent.

    • It sounds like Garbage, which is good. Slightly happier chorus than I’d expect from them, musically. Haven’t really worked out what the song is about lyrically, though. The “happy” sounding chorus is probably all ironical and stuff.

  5. I love this song from the first listen.

    PS: free download of BFP on Garbage’s official site.

  6. or, “blood in poopies”, obvs
    “blood with poopies” dbl obvs

  7. Also really happy they hung around long enough to release an album on their own label. Should give them all some nice sunset years padding.

  8. YAY along with Santigold “Disparate Youth” and The Gossip “Perfect World” they r best singels of year thus far

  9. Yeah this is a pretty great song. Sounds just like Garbage…now if No doubt can get their act together…

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