Orbital - "New France" Video

The video for “New France,” Orbital’s recent collaboration with Zola Jesus, doesn’t feature the British rave pioneers or the wailing postpunk queen. Instead, it tells the story of a stuffed lion who comes alive at night, escapes its kid, and attempts to party with a couple of friends before pining for its old life. The fact that this Toy Story story turns out to be pretty affecting is a clear tribute to the masters at work behind this lion puppet. Ian Bucknole directs. Watch it below.

Orbital’s new album Wonky is out 4/3.

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  1. Whoa.

    I thoroughly enjoyed that video. The storylined video reminded me of 90s music videos. Love the themes of growing up through the eyes of a stuffed animal.

    I guess we’ll be seeing this in the Top 5 Videos of the week fur sure. (seewatididtherrcuzitsalion)

  2. The moral of this story: No your place stuffed animals.

  3. really great vid. decent song.

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