Stereogum’s Range Life event at SXSW ended at 4:30AM this morning, so my head’s a bit stuck in a yogurt cup today. (Which reminds me, my favorite celebrity sighting in Austin so far has been Vermin Supreme, whose head is stuck in a boot.) We hope you’ve been enjoying our frequently updated SXSW photos/reviews slideshow — it’s intended to keep our SXSW coverage prominent without drowning the site in it. Thanks for bearing with us while we run around Austin; things will return to “normal” next week (Lana Del Rey on American Idol = normal.). And, before you ask, no Tom hasn’t seen Skrillex … yet.


#10 Pete Fontaine | Mar 12th Score:17

“Freak monkeys with mediocre tunes keeps you busy and focused by lightness” sounds like it could have been a lyric from OK Computer.

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#9 raptor jesus | Mar 9th Score:18


Pix of Team Stereogum bro-stepping to Skrillex!!!

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#8 old thompson | Mar 9th Score:22

skrillex for real though?

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#7 djfreshié | Mar 12th Score:23

Well that’s All I Need. A Reminder that these Worrywort Creep Coke Babies will continue to Sulk as long as this band refuse to learn How to Disappear Completely. Someone needs to issue them a Gagging Order and tell them to just Go to Sleep already and stop Climbing up the Walls over one band’s music.

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#6 djfreshié | Mar 12th Score:24

“A lot of the cooler electronica elements from Kid A were Autechre rip-offs. I dunno, they just seem pretty derivative. Lead singer has a good voice though. 5.5/10″ Pitchforko Baptist Church

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#5 erthan | Mar 12th Score:28

“Westboro Baptist Chuch Protesters Accidentally Write New Radiohead Album”

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#4 Dr. Feelgood | Mar 9th Score:36

You should’ve said “Shanks, but no Shanks.”

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#3 djfreshié | Mar 9th Score:37

You do not talk bring up the derivative-ness of Hunger Games, you do not brag about Radiohead tickets, you absolutely do not put bricks on Danzig’s lawn, you do not suggest Goblin is a timeless classic, you simply do not use the word pretentious unless you are applying it correctly, and absolutely you do not utter anything mindlessly positive NOR anything negative-and-misogynistic of the lady whose name rhymes with Banana Bell Bay. These are the rules. They are enforced only by thumbs.

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#5 torgieeee | Mar 10th Score:-7


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Montez Bush | Mar 13th Score:-8

You guys do realize that ’O’ in ’Of’ should be lowercase right?

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Rupesh Patel | Mar 11th Score:-9

omg first of all u haters are stupid… talking crap for the dumbest things ever.. i swear dumbing down of america continues.. anyways.. i love what im hearing so far from the new album and HOLY CRAP ” Its only Life” is soooo dang beautiful.. The Shins are amazing!! love ya kevin spacey!

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Tony Shanks | Mar 9th Score:-9

wow. what a list of shit bands

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#1 georgie fruit | Mar 9th Score:-10

It shocks me that HAIM isn’t on this list. These ladies have been melting faces for YEARS now. Czech em outttttttt.
HOLY SHIT this song is METH

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raptor jesus | Mar 15th Score:2

Where’s our Skrillex+Stereogum picture??


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Donald Nukunuku | Mar 15th Score:3


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Comments (26)
  1. I thought djfreshié’s feedback of what the “Deconstruction” pieces could be was the best comment this week. I wish more music journalism worked this way.

    • You are the best, Tia!!!

      I really do think there is a seriously lacking in analysis and objectivity when it comes to music writing. Music writers need to start writing about music the way (good) food critics write about food. These worlds are both run by money – more money = better publicity. And you can say anything to make garbage sound good. “Lana Del Ray’s aesthetic style crosses the boundaries of…her vocal depth implies a warmth not seen since…” “The Coq au Vin filled me with a synesthesia of colours and flavours…”

      But to really rationalize why you like art and why you think it’s important…well you gotta talk about brushstrokes and colours and shapes

      • “omgz i farted” by d.tilla. was the comment of the week. do you udders know how much time i put into this? you wouldn’t know class if it dumped a hot load of turd in the crotch of your pants and kicked you in the nuts.

        I am peacing the HELL OUT of this peace.
        peace forever.


      • I remember reading that you’re a sports fan so I’ll respond that way. In their best moments, sports don’t need an explanation. How Tim Tebow gets a pass to Demaryius Thomas to beat Pittsburgh in overtime is less important than that it happened and how amazing it is that it happened. Sure, people can break down the total-run defense of the Steelers. Or that Denver was had an illegal man in motion. But the inexplicable quality of it happening is what makes it matter and worth talking about. Seeing Victor Cruz salsa in the endzone matters more to me than what he runs in the 40. I know sports fans that obsess over stats and the later rounds of the draft and the minutia of sports. And that’s fine. But I don’t think that can be the focus.

        To me, music is like that. I agree with your comment that music journalists need to demonstrate a superior understanding how why music engages listeners without depending on superficial language. But that isn’t all that makes loving music special. I can hear a song on the radio and just know I like it. Why I do is worth thinking about. But only after the song is finished.

        • I think you’re missing the point though, which is: why do consumers need to read about something that reinforces what they already know? It has nothing to do with what you or I think…absolutely the intangibles are as relevant as the tangibles when it comes to liking things.

          But for people who make a living as music writers – you can’t just write fiction about this sort of thing. It’s bullshit. Especially when other people’s livelihoods are at stake. People pour their heart and soul into rehearsing, writing, and making a record, and a reviewer focuses on the intangibles of the record and how it’s nice but the voice is kind of “pixie-ish?” The music business already has enough problems as it is for struggling artists. We don’t need more people with a passing interest in something they have no experience actually participating in writing about intangibles or style especially when those are coming at the expense of substance.

        • And also, I disagree – HOW a Tim Tebow touchdown pass is infinitely more important to readers of an article on the game than THAT it happened, because Box Scores exist and Highlights run endlessly on the internet. I can watch and read that it happened. HOW it happened is literally the only thing that an “expert” could possibly write about. Otherwise, that person should not have a job in sports.

          • Bob Murphy was a great radio voice in New York. He called Mets games for decades. One of his signature qualities, and my absolutely favorite of his, was that during high pressure moments, and especially after an impact play, he’d be quiet for an extended amount of time. All listeners heard on the radio was the roar the crowd at Shea Stadium. He trusted the fans enough to know he didn’t have to explain amazing moments as they were happening. He wasn’t a great broadcaster just because he knew the intricacies of the game. He knew when not to speak at all. Those moments come when the game matters most. That’s when sports resonates. Analysis wouldn’t make those moments more powerful.

            There was a time when the music critic played an vital part in the dissemination of music. But a career isn’t made or broke on a Rolling Stone review anymore. If writers like Shepherd held the fortunes of School of Seven Bells in their hands, I really would agree with you. But I started listening to the band because this website had them play a few songs a few years back. I liked their sound, especially Connjur, and played their music from their MySpace page from then on. That’s the new normal.

            Obviously, I respect your approach to music. And, for better or for worse, I’m probably of the generation that breaks things down by feelings not facts. But if people are excited by a band’s music, just tell a friend about. That’s how they’ll succeed or not.

          • Hey, I completely understand your point – but I still think there’s a mixing of signals here.

            1st off, I listen to music when I watch sports mostly, because live announcing is redundant if you follow a sport. I know all the players, I’m actively watching, I don’t need someone to tell me what is going on (FYI: The back to the future score enhances EVERY sporting event ever)

            So to that extent, I have no use for analysts, and we agree.

            But if you are saying “I am going to deconstruct this thing”…if you are taking the position of an expert on a subject, and especially if that subject is something that people mostly enjoy to a subjective extent, based on a gazillion different reasons ranging from your upbringing to exposure as a teenager, to psychological influences – talking about your feelings (as an expert) is not beneficial to anyone who is looking for more than just to relate to the author on an emotional level.

          • It’s art. If you’re an expert on art, and I’m looking to get an expert opinion on art, I don’t want someone to tell me that “The pretty colours make my heart swirl with warmth.” I want him to explain to me the influences, how it compares to others working in the same field, et cetera.

            To enjoy something, you don’t need analysis. We agree. But when I want to read something about sports or art or anything really, I want the person I’m reading to be SMARTER than me. Or to have worked harder on the subject than I have or can.

  2. Just the right amount of SXSW coverage on ‘Gum this week, but by chance anyone from the crew check out up and coming seapunk project Ariel Pink’s Haunted Little Mermaids?

  3. I’ll thank the Westboro Baptist Church for being a bunch of crazy nutters, and all of my fellow Stereogum commentators for failing to get as many up thumbs as me. Have a great weekend, losers.

  4. I don’t understand why Mr. Bush was downvoted — he was correct.

  5. Wow, a little grammar correction got me 4th place. Not much going here, is there?

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