Fiona Apple

Last week, Fiona Apple played her first two solo shows in a few years at SXSW. The one I saw, at Stubb’s, was a pretty magical affair — a great talent gutting her way through obvious issues of stage-fright and self-consciousness, rising to the occasion and reminding the world of her own power. During those shows, she debuted three new songs, and we’ve already posted video of two of them, “Anything We Want” and “Every Single Night.” Below, we’ve got a fan-made video of the final track, an ornate piano-based track called “Valentine.”

[Photo by Loren Wohl @ Stubb's]

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  1. …But no debut by Ms. Apple was more surprising than her unveiling that ponytails with a new wave of Scrunchees are back.

  2. Is it just me or is she looking kinda ripped? Must be that P90X… Good for her.

  3. This is the real deal- go away Lana del Rey

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      • And Fiona wrote her first album (including some pretty great piano) when she was in her teens, and one her first Grammy at 19, “Fuckwad”. Check your shit.

  4. sitting here listening to people try and compare the one and only fiona apple to lana del rey is almost more nauseating than listening to people defend skrillex.

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