Lana Del Rey - "Blue Jeans" Video

That eminently GIF-able tattooed dude (his name is Bradley Soileau, FWIW) is back for Lana’s new clip for “Blue Jeans,” which already has a Lana-made found footage video, but why have one video when you can have two videos? This one is shot in hazy black-and-white and also stars a pool. Yoann Lemoine directs. Watch below.

Born To Die is out now on Interscope.

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  1. No need for this. The first video is better anyway.

  2. Seconded what’s the point? She already released this song and video before. Plus this looks like a perfume ad. Lana should stick to making videos herself. Earlier videos were better and more distinctive.

    • I agree. Too stylized. Looses a bit of its edge.

    • fourthded – this blows chunks of goat cum.

    • Agreed. But it’s not really the visual or style that bothers me. What I liked from the first videos Born to Die, Video Games and Blue Jeans (0.1 or however you’d like to call it) is that condescending / sarcastic look she would often wear in conjunction with the neediness of the lyrics. I liked that juxtaposition whether or not it is deliberate.

      If this whole Lana Del Rey thing is an act, I’d much rather have the pre-album Lana since the media doesn’t really have a lot of that. This new Lana seems like a hushed redundancy of currently existing personae.

  3. What a great and original idea for a video! The tattooed guy is in love with her and they have a horny scene and then he kills her!
    Oh, wait…

  4. “Sorry. This video does not exist.” Erm, okay then.

  5. i like how she embraces her femme fatal, noir, personality, its her thing

  6. Thank God, it had been like a whole month or something since we’ve heard anything from Lana Del Rey, I was starting to worry the media onslaught had ended.

  7. Alligator is the new tiger

  8. video is here, ‘might not be finished version’ is word on the street.

  9. She’s definitely sticking to her persona; it’s a great video. Enough whining with the “she made this video already”. Interscope put those on the internet last summer to make her seem less manufactured. This is the money version– and it’s money well spent.

    Alligator-infested swimming pools will be all the rage this summer.

  10. Well this comment section is a gem

  11. The scene where tattooed guy slips his fingers in her mouth made ma gag for a moment though…

  12. The chorus is sooooo similar to another song, but I can’t think of what..

  13. My favorite part is when she says “white shirt” and the camera pans over to the guy who is wearing the black shirt

  14. In short, this could also be a Die Antwoord video

  15. I’m really hoping that Lana Del Rey will wind up being a Joaquin Phoenix-style hoax, and that she really makes fantastic music and isn’t really the mainstream attempt to popularize ‘indie’.

    I’m also hoping to find proof that Santa is real.

  16. Fun: Here i can comment. But not in the box for headphones. US entrants only there. This is a fucking shit. Fuck this racist shit.

  17. I love her so much and love her music so much, she is amazing! Love her forever!

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