Ceremony - "Adult" Video

Adult” is a fiery standout from Zoo, the excellent new album from Cali punks Ceremony. The track’s brand new video gets straight magic-realist Mad Men with it, telling the story of a stereotypical postwar suburban housewife who disappears underneath her house when nobody’s looking. BLV BLK BRD directs. Watch it and download the track below.

(via the Matablog)

Zoo is out now on Matador.

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  1. Tom, don’t even bother anymore.

    • Actually, forget what I said and please bother, because I no longer can.

      Over the past few weeks, discouragement and disappointment has sunken in. As some of you are aware, I write and blog in my free time. I’ve been at it for close to two years now. I’m not sure why, but 2012 has not been consistent with the very, very, very (and I mean very) small success that 2011 brought me (for example, I got cited as a source on Pitchfork, here and some site even listed my year-end list alongside some of the most famous critics. WTF?) Every once in a blue moon, something I write gets noticed by more readers than usual (and it’s always a nice compliment when a band finds something worthwhile about what I’ve said about them,) but lately, it’s come to a crawl. Granted, I originally began writing for the fun of it it, but as someone who constantly needs to do things well and constantly improve my game, it bothers me to see that I’ve hit the wall. As I look around and see what other sites have to offer, I know I can’t compete. And then I see “In Defense of Skrillex” or that some other lame blog somehow had an awesome SXSW showcase and it’s like a microcosm for this disappointment because here I am spending 20 hours of my free time on top of working a real full-time job trying to ever so slightly keep up with blogger speed with quality content, and it goes nowhere.

      My site’s 2nd anniversary and 500th posts are approaching. Not sure which will come first, but I think the time has come to hang it up the keyboard and let an awkward silence replace the sound. I can tell that I’m frustrated based on how “In Defense of Skrillex” brought out a reaction to rival theduchessofthomyorke’s best days and I dislike that being that sort of tired, frustrated mood. I’m disappointed with the results of my side-project, but I gave it an honest try. Stuck in the middle of suburbia for the time being (which I intend to leave, hopefully sooner rather than later) I kind of always hoped to parlay my love for music into my current career, but I really just don’t think I have that sort of luck to catch a break like others seem to have. Some people can turn an op-ed about Skrillex into comment gold — I’m lucky if I get a retweet by someone in Scandinavia.

      That’s my too-long diatribe TMI behind-the-scenes look into my cranky mood lately. Sorry if I rubbed anyone the wrong way in the past day by filling up the comments with uncool sarcasm. My love for music is just a little broken right now.

      • Also, sorry for the narcissism in dedicated an entire comment to my first world music problems. It’s not my M.O. to pull this sort of stuff, but since ‘Gum readers who peer into my profile probably make up the 4 out of the 10 readers I get on a daily basis, I’m sure someone out there would at least like an explanation.

        • Well, your obsessive ranting about the “In Defense of Skrillex” article definitely caught my attention.
          I just wanted to say I checked out your site, Awkward Sound, and thought it was really well laid out, designed, and (most importantly) written. I will certainly be taking a look at your best of lists and recommended albums and songs as soon as I get the chance.
          If you keep writing, I promise to keep reading.

          • Thanks, that’s a nice, sweet pick-me-up to read. I really just need to get back to the place where I wrote without paying attention to the numbers or trying to keep up with the big dogs. 7′ tall Giant Gonzalez Tom up here would easily squash me and I’m pretty sure dude won’t ever take another tip I send his way after this week haha

  2. This is a “standout”? It’s pretty lame – the same three chords over and over again – and kinda sucks actually. .

  3. I can’t believe that bands can still get away with mediocre unimaginative shit like this. The song sucks in just about every way I can think of. Skrillex is slightly less boring…

    Michael, your ploy has worked & just I looked at Awkward Sound. You can stop blogging now.

    • Sorry to disappoint you, but there was never a ploy. Anyone who’s been on here long enough knows I’m too humble to shameless plug. I think you missed the point about what I wrote above. Speaking of missing the point, this song is, as Tom wrote, “a fiery standout” and one of the best singles of the year.

  4. I hate this band. Zoo is a shapeless, entry level punk album. Mediocre songwriting. Banal lyrics.

    They take it down to bass and drums after the second chorus, like Green Day. Every lyric is delivered with the vocal filter that pops up for the spoken word section in “Holiday,” the Green Day song. Right down to the crisp studio production, this band might as well just be Green Day.

  5. Zoo is awful. I don’t get what the deal is. Still nothing moves you and Ronhert park are incredible albums. Why does getting on matador mean scaling down your sound. Why does a punk band have to be on matador or sub pop or any other major-indie label to get coverage outside of MRR?

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