Madonna - "Girl Gone Wild" Video

Madonna’s video for the M.I.A./Nicki Minaj collab “Give Me All Your Luvin’” was a bit of a mess, but her follow up, the black-and-white clip for new single “Girl Gone Wild,” is a relatively restrained affair. Sure, Madonna spends a lot of screen time humping a wall and making out with multiple shirtless muscular dudes, but considering that she’s Madonna, it’s practically a traditionalist move. Watch it below.

(via Vulture)

Madonna’s MDNA is out 3/26 on Interscope.

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  1. What I took away from this at video’s end is that I’d be interested in seeing the muscle men from this video battle the muscle men from the Grimes’ “Oblivion” video… Hell In a Cell.

  2. 1992 called and they want their video rip-off back

    • Fully agreed. This video is a sum-up of her 1990-1995 videos. I can “see” Vogue in there, I can see “Human Nature” in there too. It’s like she’s playing it safe (although the editing was modern). Either that, or she can’t innovate anymore at 53 years of age.

      • Man, if ever a music video was made to be screened in gay clubs…

        • D’oh, that comment wasn’t supposed to post there.

          Well, while I’m here… it strikes me less that she is recycling videos from that time period than she is trapped in her sex and religion themes, which she has been since her last album (at least).

          • I’m gay and I agree! The gays just sort of automatically dance to anything she does. Although they aren’t that impressed with this. (yes, I speak for all the gays!)

  3. Reinvention has become reproduction.

    I’ll take it over most top 40 though.

  4. Oh Madge, how I love your video and hate your song

  5. If this isn’t reductive, I don’t know what is….

  6. Madonna was mad at MIA for stealing her Superbowl thunder, now she has Skirllex to blame for now one commenting on her music video on Stereogum.

  7. I love her so much and love her music so much, she is amazing! Love her forever!

  8. Terrible. Terrible song, terrible video. Madonna, you’re trying too hard. You continue to age just like the rest of us. Embrace YOURSELF and take of those fingerless gloves, we all know why you’re wearing them.

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