My Bloody Valentine Reissue Details

Sony will reissue a whole slew of My Bloody Valentine releases this spring, including their two studio albums, Isn’t Anything and Loveless (which had a 20th birthday celebration not too long ago), as well as an EP collection that takes into account the EPs the band recorded between 1988 and 1991 (Feed Me With Your Kiss, You Made Me Realise, Glider and Tremolo). The records were remastered by Kevin Shields in London’s Metropolis Studios, and the new edition of Loveless features a second disc containing an entirely new mastering of the original analog tapes from the Loveless sessions. Check out the tracklists below.

Isn’t Anything

01 “Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside)”
02 “Lose My Breath”
03 “Cupid Come”
04 “(When You Wake) You’re Still in a Dream”
05 “No More Sorry”
06 “All I Need”
07 “Feed Me With Your Kiss”
08 “Sueisfine”
09 “Several Girls Galore”
10 “You Never Should”
11 “Nothing Much to Lose”
12 “I Can See It (But I Can’t Feel It)”


Disc 1 [Remastered from original tape]:

01 “Only Shallow”
02 “Loomer”
03 “Touched”
04 “To Here Knows When”
05 “When You Sleep”
06 “I Only Said”
07 “Come in Alone”
08 “Sometimes”
09 “Blown a Wish”
10 “What You Want”
11 “Soon”

Disc 2 [Mastered from original ½ inch analogue tapes]:

01 “Only Shallow”
02 “Loomer”
03 “Touched”
04 “To Here Knows When”
05 “When You Sleep”
06 “I Only Said”
07 “Come in Alone”
08 “Sometimes”
09 “Blown a Wish”
10 “What You Know”
11 “Soon”

EPs 1988-1991:

Disc 1:

01 “You Made Me Realise” (from You Made Me Realise EP)
02 “Slow” (from You Made Me Realise EP)
03 “Thorn” (from You Made Me Realise EP)
04 “Cigarette in Your Bed” (from You Made Me Realise EP)
05 “Drive It All Over Me” (from You Made Me Realise EP)
06 “Feed Me With Your Kiss” (from Feed Me With Your Kiss EP)
07 “I Believe” (from Feed Me With Your Kiss EP)
08 “Emptiness Inside” (from Feed Me With Your Kiss EP)
09 “I Need No Trust” (from Feed Me With Your Kiss EP)
10 “Soon” (from Glider EP)
11 “Glider” (from Glider EP)
12 “Off Your Face” (from Glider EP)

Disc 2:

01 “To Here Knows When” (from Tremolo EP)
02 “Swallow” (from Tremolo EP)
03 “Honey Power” (from Tremolo EP)
04 “Moon Song” (from Tremolo EP)
05 “Instrumental no. 2″ (distributed on a free 7” with the first 5000 Isn’t Anything LPs)
06 “Instrumental no. 1″ (distributed on a free 7” with the first 5000 Isn’t Anything LPs)
07 “Glider” (full length version) (B side on the Soon (The Andrew Weatherall Mix) 12”)
08 “Sugar” (promo only B-Side on Only Shallow LP, France only)
09 “Angel” (previously unreleased)
10 “Good for You” (previously unreleased)
11 “How Do You Do It” (previously unreleased)

It’s all out 5/7 on Sony.

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  1. I will re-buy these as many times as they expect me to

  2. This is really awesome and all, but why does the link on 20th birthday celebration take me to a kickstarter page to bring back some 90s R&B group. Is this an inside joke or something?

  3. So what’s the difference between disc 1 and disc 2? Wouldn’t “remastered from original tape” imply that it is remastered from the original 1/2-inch analogue tapes? Mixing to 1/2 inch tape was (and still is, if you’re doing it old-style) the standard for mixing records. Do they maybe mean REMIXED from the original multi-track tapes? Any one know?

  4. i was looking for that too. i’m still elated about Loveless and Isn’t Anything though.

  5. Any word on vinyl re-issues?

    Anyone? Anyone?

  6. Jonathan Espeche  |   Posted on Mar 23rd, 2012 0

    Don’t hold your breath on these coming out. They were announced a few years ago and never came out then. I’m sure Kevin Shields will find something to nitpick and improve and they will be delayed again. And this spring? It already is spring.

    • The article says “this spring,” but the official press release actually says May 7. These are the same remasters that leaked three years ago. Kevin has done nothing to them in the interim. The reason for the delay is that they are the precursor to a much bigger mbv-related event, a forthcoming (for real) third album. Just you wait and see…

  7. Kevin doesn’t like those songs, so it probably won’t ever be reissued. I really like Ecstasy and Wine, but saying it is their best work is as crazy as saying Please Please Me is the Beatles best album. loveless is one of the few moments in post-sixties rock when someone basically reinvented the wheel.

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