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  • Lana Del Rey on American Idol 2012
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Lana Del Rey

For the past six months, we’ve been trudging steadily toward this inevitable moment: The one where Lana Del Rey takes the stage on American Idol. Except she didn’t actually appear live on the show; she taped her segment last week, and it aired on last night’s results show. Crafty! Singing “Video Games,” LDR gave another of the stationary, swaying-in-place TV performances that she’s become known for, but she did it with a tad bit more confidence, and her voice sounded relatively strong. Near the end, with confetti falling from the ceiling, she hit something that could plausibly be described as a “high note,” though certainly not the siren-wail that Idol viewers have come to expect. So: pretty good! Watch it below.

(via Popcrush)

I think Simon Cowell could’ve had some nice things to say about that if LDR were a contestant back in the day.

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  1. bowing to this queen

  2. is stereogum the new home of the LDReport?

  3. I thought it was just okay, but considering the venue, it wasn’t enough to wrong her past live gaffes. To steal a favorite word of criticism from J. Lo / Steven Tyler / Randy Jackson, her voice is still “pitchy” live and it seemed like she was struggling to keep up with the pace of the piano. This time, you couldn’t blame SNL‘s bad sound for that since Idol‘s is tweaked as heck to make anyone who steps onto that stage sound as good as possible. The extra oomph at the end was a nice touch, but the only compliment I’ve read from those who’ve never experienced her enigma is that she “sounds like the X-Factor’s Drew Ryniewicz.”

  4. The song that probably would’ve got the best reaction from an idol audience is Diet Mountain Dew, but since Idol is sponsored by Coke, she wouldn’t be allowed to sing it.

  5. This is textbook damning with faint praise. Just let her go, man. Just let ‘er go.

  6. i need coffee

  7. Simon would have left her in tears. Good thing she’s pretty.

  8. so sick of this song. it is not the bestest

  9. better watch new lana del rey’ trailer


  10. pretty awful, but whatever at least she writes good songs.

  11. I came here for Madonna and Katy Perry news, and this is what I get?! I thought this was Stereogum!

  12. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  13. US entrants only for the contest but not for the comment uh? Fuck this fucking racist.

  14. ..all these lana del rey reports on stereogum are getting a bit boring.. Why doesnt she just fade away? I had a couple of good laughs when she appeared giving interviews and playing live.. but now its just sad sad sad sad

  15. that wasn’t so bad – everybody go fuck yourself instead of your keyboards!

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