Lower Dens - Nootropics

In a few weeks, the great Baltimore dream-rock band Lower Dens will release Nootropics, their motorik-infused sophomore LP, which is currently my two-year-old daughter’s favorite album. (She asks for it by name and everything.) We’ve already posted the excellent first single “Brains” (as well as its video). And now here’s another song from the album, a drawn-out flutter called “Propagation.”

Nootropics is out 5/1 on Ribbon Music.

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  1. agree and would do business with again

  2. Sometimes I, too, ponder having kids for the mere fact that I’d like to sculpt their music tastes from a very early age while I’m still young enough to have that “cool” I-can’t-believe-that-guy-is-a-dad shtick age range going for me. I can just picture a proverbial happy family where me and whomever the mysterious future mrs. (or ms. — a piece of paper doesn’t define a relationships worth in the year 2012) who’ve I’ve yet to meet spend our days with the rugrat listening to new albums and blogging about them. To me, that would be the life. To me, that life is so ridiculous of a pipe dream that it can’t possibly be tangent.

    • I don’t really put a whole lot of thought into molding Clara’s taste; I’m sure she’ll fall in love with some shit that I hate soon enough, and I already had to contend with a really shitty recorded version of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” for like three months. But when I’m putting her to bed (which takes forever), I just put on whatever quiet-ish album I’ve been listening to lately, and sometimes she gets attached. Doesn’t happen too often, but I do love it when it does. She loves Bill Withers, too.

      • I’m going to take that advice into account if the day to raise another human ever arrives. In the spoils of my suburbia, marriage and having children usually is the death rattle in your ability to stay relevant. You’ve clearly avoided that, which to an outsider is probably the closest hope to the existence of the Fountain of Youth.

      • music bloggers are people too.

  3. Hey Tom, my daughter loves the Brains track as well! that and Austra’s Lose it. My wife says its the repetition that draws them in….

    Krautkids yeahhh

  4. Jana Hunter <3

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